Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Record Eating Machines – Roover

November 26, 2010

37. Record Eating Machines – Roover.mp3

Both the track title and the production name are dead on. Nothing says “dancefloor wrecking ball” like Record Eating Machines and nothing says exactly what this sounds like more than the onomatopeic “Roover.” To be more specific, it sounds like this:


(starting about 30 seconds in…)



Bang on!

The rest of the Top 50.



  1. I love that slurpy ‘twipppp’ sound one hears in both Roover and when you stack a card on your aces in solitaire. If only my farts sounded so ‘neat.’

    • I have no idea how to respond to the last sentence.

      As to the first, it’s a great noise, which may be why it shows up all over the place in the house/techno/breakbeat world.

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