Top 50 Tracks of 2010: The Vaselines – Ruined

November 25, 2010

38. The Vaselines – Ruined.mp3

Classic indie-era (read: the mid-’80s) popsters The Vaselines return after a 16+ year hiatus without missing a beat, putting all four right back on the fucking floor with this speedy, cynical romp that sounds like Boss Hogg and Imperial Teen engaging in a very noisy dry hump.

(Technically, they got back together in 2006. And they did release an album in 2009. But this is from their 2010 album and it’s a kickassic song, so we’ll just pretend the intro is fine the way it is.)

Buy some Vaseline here.

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  1. I like surprises…huge HUH? following intro…nice.

    • The intro does give one the idea that the blogger may have uploaded the wrong track. I felt it was better unmentioned.

  2. Pretty good.

    Saw a very short interview with them the other day on a local hipster video channel. Thanks to her unexpectedly strong accent, I couldn’t understand a damn thing the woman was saying though. She was really worked up about whatever it was though.

    • Yeah, they seem pretty excitable. Shame about the accent. It adds intensity but at the expense of clarity.

    • I know. After re-playing it 6 times, I was pretty turned on.

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