Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Mater Suspiria Vision – The Afterlife

November 24, 2010

39. Mater Suspiria Vision – The Afterlife.mp3

One of the leading figures of the witch house/drag movement, Mater Suspiria Vision bring Dario Argento’s sturm-und-buckets-o’-blood sensibility to your ears. (And band member ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ brings something resembling a Led Zeppelin album title, for whatever that’s worth.)

This is one of their less aggressive pieces, all unravelling keyboards with a fuzzy edge brushing up against stunted loops. Not exactly beach listening, but almost warm enough to keep family members from spontaneously bursting into prayer for your eternal soul.

(If it’s prayer you’re looking for, give ’em an earful of their Ghost of a Raver EP.)

More Visions here.

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  1. Couldn’t get past the opening continuous loop…musical ADD!!!

    • It’s an earworm, alright. One with infinite patience.

  2. I have to admit, I was disappointed by this one. From the cover art, I expected something to march and kill to. Instead, I got a 5 minute snail ride.

    • Correction: a 7 minute snail ride.

      (Go ahead and check their other stuff out. They get a lot more march-y/kill-y. Vimeo and Youtube both have tons of their self-produced videos.)

    • After checking out their website, I have to admit I like all the tracks I’ve played there so far much better than the one you’ve posted here. Still a tad too slow and direction-less for me to listen to without recreational pharmaceuticals being involved, but certainly worth a listen. A quicker pace and more screaming would benefit their tracks, (What music doesn’t benefit from pained screams?) but acceptable as a whole. I suspect one should approach their work as more of a “concept album”, as opposed to a collection of individual songs.

      However, I do think my judgment is being severely clouded by their videos. Like instrumental jazz, their narrative-free musical style serves as great background for another narrative (film) which can provide narrative cover for their work. Their videos suspiciously resemble a 1970’s Drive-In cult/horror B movie, right down to the groovy clothes, the groovy lack of clothes and the cult-ish lesbian make-out scenes. It’s as if they know my weakness for such fare.

      Thanks for the “Check their videos” tip. It certainly made up for that 7 minute snail ride.

    • Well, “directionless” and “atmospheric” kind of go hand in hand. And yeah, I think they aim toward “conceptual” quite often which doesn’t help the general lack of focus.

      Still, you can’t argue with the seedy, late-nite cable vibe they bring to the proceedings.

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