Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Yu(c)k – Weakend/Daughter

November 23, 2010

40. Yu(c)k – Weakend.mp3 / / Daughter.mp3



One-off side project from fuzzed-up guitar pop group Yuck, featuring Daniel Blumberg and not much else. The Weakend EP is full of atmospheric, stripped-down pain pop, travelling the same opened vein as The Antlers. Weakend and Daughter bookend the EP, both crafted from little more than some sparse keyboards and lyrics to die for/from.

Download the EP here.

More Yuck.

Still more Yuck.

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  1. EtheREALLY ethereal.

    • In other words, airy, dreamlike, etc. For not having a whole lot of elements, it’s very evocative music.

  2. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU POSTED THIS!!! THIS IS THE BAND OF MY FRIEND’S FRIEND!!! I remember her telling me, “Oh, you’ve got to check out my friend’s band” and I was expecting it to be completely mediocre and amateur-sounding, but I was blown away.

    • Sweet. Well, next time you see your friend’s friend (or just your friend, I suppose), tell them that “Daughter” does an impeccable job capturing the sadness of parenthood that usually seems completely inseperable from the joy.

      Good to see you again, Rachel.

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