Top 50 Tracks of 2010: #41-50

November 23, 2010

A quick consolidation of the first 10 picks, which oddly enough are the last 10 picks numerically. All links open in a new window.

The list so far:

50. Teddybears – Chrystal Meth Christian

“The track pushes 10 and the snarky double baiting of Christians and druggies draws a straight line between two forms of addiction.”

49. Finkielkrauts – Cocksucker No Blues

“…recalls the brattier moments of punks with seniority taking the next bus to post-…”

48. Grave Babies – Eating Babies

“…a washed-out masterpiece, built of waves of static and distorted instrumentation suggesting the last broadcast of man’s humanity, slowly disintegrating as it rides a decaying signal.”

47. Haunted Tiger – I’m a Mummy

“…a half-surfer, half-zombie juggernaut.”

46. Chemical Brothers – K+D+B

“…the Brothers redeem themselves with drums, drums and more drums…”

45. Humans – Mon Ton Ton

“…Robbie Slade’s deadpan vox makes you wish you were cool enough to hang with him and the sprightly electronic backing makes you wish you knew how to dance in a less embarassing fashion.”

44. Wise Blood – STRT SRNS

“…an underground chop shop of electronics, samples and good old fashioned soundbombing.”

43. Spider▲Webs – Do the Psycho

“…assembled from samples of ‘daft punk, house music and old movie trailers.’ Hey, whatever drowns out all the screaming.”

42. SALEM – King Night

“…an audio rendition of an apocalyptic midnight mass.”

41. †‡† – goth bb

“…post-industrial electronica that dwells at the deeper, deadlier end of the genre pool.”



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