Top 50 Tracks of 2010: †‡† – Goth BB

November 22, 2010

41. †‡† – goth bb.mp3

Google-unfriendly †‡† (a.k.a. ritualz) take to the airwaves with a darker-than-darkwave collection of killer bass and disembodied screams, all moving at a menacing, zombie-esque pace.

Some people have bandied about the term “witch house” to describe this sort of post-gothic, post-industrial electronica that dwells at the deeper, deadlier end of the genre pool. It’s a terrible term, conjuring up Blair Witch sequels and weekend Wiccans dancing around candles and incense. But what would you call it? Goth-tronica? Death disco? Nightmare pop?

More disembodied sounds and symbols available here.

The rest of the Top 50.



  1. I have been seriously AWOL…will check in soon to hear these lovely selections…wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    • Well, welcome back then, elizabeth. I just figured the tracks hadn’t struck any particular chord with you and you were sitting them out until something did. I’m looking forward to your take on the tracks posted so far.

  2. I’ve been enjoying all of these well heeled selections. Sometimes I enjoy your descriptions of the music better than the music itself, but that’s more of a compliment to your wordsmithery than an indictment of the fine music. My two favorite so far are still the Humans and Wise Blood.

    I can’t wait to get down to the nitty gritty of the top 10. I’m expecting nothing but Whitey, Nickelback and Beiber. Am I right?

    • Thanks for the compliments on my wordsmithing, Scott. We’ve still got 40+ tracks to go so you’re sure to pick up some new faves.

      And your call on the Top 10 is eerily prescient. Have you been peeking at my Dashboard? (And if so, let me know how you did that.)

    • Present for roll call! Scott stole my comment again.

    • You have to get in here pretty early to steal Scott’s comments. He’s got that whole living-in-another-continent timewarp going on.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Robot Elephant, †‡†. †‡† said: this is nice: Top 50 Tracks of 2010: †‡† – Goth BB #41 http://bit.ly/hPrFMK […]

  4. Well, I am a Marilyn Manson fan so I did enjoy this (“disembodied screams”…you are starting to worry me, Cap).

    • I had kind of a run here with “worrying” music. I’m all better now.

  5. I think #41 & #42 belong together and my reasoning for advocating some lyrical content in #42 is borne out by this track. This one benefits nicely from its (largely inaudible) -er- vocals.

    • Yeah, they’re kind of like two morbid peas in a frozen, half-decayed pod. And Spidertrianglewebs adds enough to make it a hat trick.

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