Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Spider▲Webs – Do the Psycho

November 20, 2010

43. Spider▲Webs – Do the Psycho

43. Spider▲Webs – Do the Psycho.mp3

According to the band info, Do the Psycho was assembled from samples of “daft punk, house music and old movie trailers.” Hey, whatever drowns out all the screaming. (Nearly.) It’s an eerie fairground of a tune, slightly off-kilter, like a calliope in denial. It fiercely projects lurching “cheerfulness” in an attempt to ignore the unpleasantness just offscreen.

Kids, have fun on the midway! Play some games! Ride some rides! And try not to wonder why there seem to be fewer and fewer of you milling about. It’s just an illusion. A trick of the lights. And most definitely not some unspeakable horror lurking somewhere in the darkened outskirts.

Satisfy your arachnophilia.

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  1. I’m enjoying being exposed to all this new music; great series!

    • Dr. C,

      I’m glad you’re getting a kick out of this. I’ve enjoyed putting this together, especially since all the chaff separating has also exposed me to a ton of new music. Makes me wonder why I didn’t do this sooner.

      Thanks for the visit. Always good to see you.

  2. I can just imagine the Marquis de Sade enjoying this as background music and coordinating each ‘lash’ to the tempo (hehe).

    • You have a vivid imagination, elizabeth. The kind that most likely will (or currently) gets you in trouble. I’m sure the ‘Webs will be thrilled with their new categorization, having been filed under “S&M” at the local record store.

  3. Good mechanics, but I kept waiting for it to go somewhere or say something. This is a track that could have used some lyrics or some movie samples or something. And it just ended with a splat(although fitting well with your horror genre description).

    • I could see some movie samples enhancing this but added vocals would just drown out the delightfully muted screaming.

    • I was only talking about adding 10 lines or less worth of vocals. I absolutely wouldn’t want to drown out the screaming. I think most music worth listening to contains screaming, or would benefit from screams, ideally samples taken from actual torture sessions.

      As for movie samples, I have a very specific and appropriate movie in mind. It’s perhaps my favourite monster movie of all time, the ultra-groovy 1971 Drive-in classic, Dracula Vs Frankenstein

      Featuring Lon Chaney Jr and Jock Ewing from Dallas, not only does it have Dracula and Frankenstein, it’s got hippies, bikers, carnival freaks, a grizzled detective, an axe murderer and a Las Vegas lounge singer (the smoking hot Regina Carrol) looking for her lost sister who has become a naked, decapitated, corpse.

      The whole movie is here

      but Part#2

      may give you enough sample-worthy clips on i.

      Ah, they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

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