Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Humans – Mon Ton Ton

November 18, 2010

45. Humans – Mon Ton Ton.

45. Humans – Mon Ton Ton.mp3

An electronic rendition of dropping out of life, delivered in dry, self-assured fashion. Humans‘ frontmouth Robbie Slade’s deadpan vox makes you wish you were cool enough to hang with him and the sprightly electronic backing makes you wish you knew how to dance in a less embarassing fashion. Because they’re Canadian (Vancouverans, to be specific), the chorus is in French and therefore completely indecipherable (at least to Americans like me).

It’s hard to tell whether this is a condemnation or a celebration of the song’s subject, but then again, it’s good natured enough that it’ll probably let you draw your own conclusions.

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  1. This is my favorite of the series so far. I’m not sure if it’s because of his cool ass voice, because I like the rhino and camel faces, the catchy French chorus, or because I myself have cashed in (and out) on many things, many, many times in this life.

    Great tune!

    • Thanks, Scott. It does seem to speak to (or of) a certain mindset. The artwork only adds to the cool-ass mystique.

  2. Yep, I’m lovin the vocals in this too. ‘Dry and self assured’ are on the money

    • For a couple of moments here and there, the vocals stretch towards “plaintive,” but other than that, he’s confidently laid-back. Good to see you, Ruby.

  3. “Vancouverans” got me to wondering what people from UMhlathuze, eThekwini or Çarşaňňy would be called? I kind of like “Las Vegan” since I’m actually (almost!) a vegan.

    • I have no idea, elizabeth. In fact, I’m fairly sure that Vancouver natives probably call themselves something classier than the made up word I devised for them.

      Without consulting my Character Map, I’d peg the Carsanny natives to be “Carsannogens.”

  4. As a Canadian, I probably could have loosely translated the French for you, but my damn speakers seem to be stuck on an ultra-low-fi setting and I can’t hear too many of the lyrics no matter how often I replay them. Something about “Pascal, it’s to tranquil.” and “I don’t want to talk about” something or other.

    Also, as a Canadian, I am required by law to say favourable things about any Canadian music act. As such, I think Humans are pretty good, unless you’re talking about human beings, who suck big time.

    • Well, I appreciate you giving it the old Canuck try, SM. It still seems unintelligible to me but it may have something to do with general lo-to-mid fi recording.

      Thanks for giving us the hometown take on the Humans, which once again lead non-capitalized humans by a large margin.

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