Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Chemical Brothers – K+D+B

November 17, 2010

46. Chemical Brothers – K+D+B.

46. Chemical Brothers – K+D+B.mp3

In which the Chemical Brothers get back to the business of making music they like, rather than making music they think others will like, resulting in their best album since 1999’s Surrender. A decade-long run of pop chart chasing almost made me give this one a pass, figuring I was in for more salmon dancing and other such bland electronica.

But the Brothers redeem themselves with drums, drums and more drums, building to a percussive dreampop climax, reaching the heights of the sole lyrical interjection: “Higher.”

Get your Chemicals here.

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  1. It’s interesting to see where a song will take you mentally if you just sit back and engage in an auditory Rorschach. This feels like the kind of song that could be reinterpreted all sorts of ways depending on when and where you engage.

    • My recommendation for engaging is steady acceleration on an underused highway, preferably with a destination worth visiting. Or just going up a long hill would do, what with all the “highers” scattered about in it.

  2. I haven’t heard from these guys in a long time. I just assumed they overdosed about 5 years ago.

    This track is a little too flaccid for me, but I’m usually glad to hear a band has stopped chasing commercial success and are making music they want to listen to.

    That’s how it should be.

    • They didn’t OD. They just stopped being relevant.

      Their relevance is still open to discussion (once you get past the first three albums) but their latest is a great return to form. Had they just stayed the course after “Surrender,” they could have put this album out nearly a decade ago.

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