Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Grave Babies – Eating Babies

November 15, 2010


48. Grave Babies – Eating Babies.mp3

The Grave Babies have been in and out of my personal rotation all year long. Just when I think I’m ready to move on, I find myself craving their refreshing waves of lo-fi darkness. Skirting the outer fringes of electro-punk-goth-drag, they continue to resist genre definitions. Their entire album (which can be found here [right-click to download]) is a washed-out masterpiece, built of waves of static and distorted instrumentation suggesting the last broadcast of man’s humanity, slowly disintegrating as it rides a decaying signal.

Eating Babies (try to get past the name) is a brief slice of severely fucking damaged beauty, exploring the minutia of the post-apocalypse as it stands in contrast to omnipresent death and destruction. In other words, there’s nothing like an epidemic of death and undeath to make every small human interaction all-important while simultaneously completely irrelevant.

Two possibly irrelevant notes:

1. I can’t really find any details at to when their EP was released so I’m going with 2010. There doesn’t seem to be much mention of them before January of this year.

2. They don’t believe their music is “dark.” Just “weird.”

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  1. I love “refreshing waves of lo-fi darkness.”

    Great title for a track too.

    • Ha. I was going to say exactly the same thing. Nothing like a fresh slap from Darkness to get you feeling rejuvenated!

    • Thanks, Vodka. Every so often the words come together exactly the way I envision them.

    • Ruby-

      The darkness always seems to be more refreshing than the Up with People-type bullshit. It just seems more honest.

  2. See, without you, I would have gone my whole life without ever knowing that there even was a genre such as electro-punk-goth-drag much less that the Grave Babies resisted being defined by it.

    With all of your descriptive post-apocalyptic prowess maybe I should enlist your help with my new ‘book’ idea. I’ll give you the idea and you give me an outline, then fill in the outline with words and pages and chapters and shit like that. Then I put your name, just under mine on the jacket. Huh? Sweet deal!

    Great tune!

    • To be honest, Scott, you probably could have gone your whole life without knowledge of these obscure genres and been just fine. Now this bit of info has probably shoved something useful right out of your brain. Something you won’t know you needed until the moment presents itself and you find yourself thinking of electro-punk-goth-drag.

      I’ll let you know if I’m open for this sort of Cusslerian (or Pattersonian) “collaboration.” It sounds suspiciously like James Frey’s new endeavor:


    • It sucks because I think I have an real version of ‘A Million Little Pieces’ but that piece of shit ruined it. Nobody would believe the real shit that I’ve gone through. Not after that fucknutter.

  3. Another one that had me at the name. I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought about grabbing babies and roasting their pudgy little bodies on a spit over an open fire.

    Very 80’s sounding, but in a good way. However, I think I might be having some problems with my speakers because the low-fi was coming across almost no-fi. But what I did hear was sufficiently moody and depressing enough to garner a decent level of acceptance from me.

    • It’s a pretty catchy name in a car-wreck sort of way. And you’ve got no problem with your speakers (yet). The whole album is seeped in static and overmodulation. Part of the charm, I’d say, although it does tend to play hell with your audio fidelity.

    • Well, fidelity is not exactly my strong suit anyway, if you catch my drift.

    • I’d like to take it further back…say 1975…and imagine the intro of C.W. McCall’s CB radio song Convoy as done by the Grave Babies.

      P.S. Sedate Me, if you start spearing babies in strollers that litter the casino floors in Las Vegas, I’m not going to stop you. I may even hand you the brochettes and throw more mesquite on the grill.

    • That would be incredibly interesting. I should drop that idea over at their Facebook page and see if they can’t cover the entire album, which would be nightmarishly fun.

      P.S. Don’t encourage SM’s baser urges. If you do, the comment threads will fill with 1,100-word behemoths laden with multiple links.

    • That and she’ll probably wind up having to lock up her and her daughters in her “safe room”.

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