Top 50 Tracks of 2010: Finkielkrauts – Cocksucker No Blues

November 14, 2010

49. Finkelkrauts – Cockscker No Bl

49. Finkielkrauts – Cocksucker No Blues.mp3

With a track title copped (and reformatted) from the Rolling Stones at their most caustic and a sound that recalls the brattier moments of punks with seniority taking the next bus to post-, the dichotomously named Finkielkrauts have carved open a niche in the musical landscape. If nothing else, you won’t forget the title, or for that matter, the band name itself which conjures up images of a synagogue parking filled with Mercedes and Porsches.

More info over at Another Record.

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  1. Speaking of… The Stones’ “So Divine” on the Exile on Main Street reissue released this year is one of those Stones gems that doesn’t get the play it deserves. See also: “Winter,” “Jigsaw Puzzle,” “Far Away Eyes,” and “100 Years Ago.”

    You don’t need any of my recommendations concerning this list, but I’ll give you one anyway. Include Alexander’s “Truth” before some ad executive makes it the soundtrack to a car commercial (and, since I don’t have a television, that may have already happened without my knowledge).

    • I’ll check in on the Stones’ reissue. Any album that can boast tracks as great as All Down the Line, Turd on the Run, Ventilator and Torn and Frayed is definitely deserving of a reissue.

      I have a television but never watch actual TV broadcasts on it, so your guess is as good as mine as to whether Alexander’s track has already won the ad-sensation lottery. I’ll give it a listen.

  2. Yep, I’m definitely down with this one.

    (Er, no pun intended.)

    • Glad to hear it. Pretty catchy stuff although the band name itself is quite a mouthful.

      (Needlessly inserted pun completely intended.)

  3. OK, they pretty much had me at the name, so that may be clouding my judgment a bit. Perhaps I’ll check out the album to clarify things.

    • Good call. It’s a rather distinguishing name. Seeing them on the marquee might fool passersby into thinking Oktoberfest is on the way with its attendant polka music.

  4. Had the band been named Frankelkrauts, it really would have conjured up images of a synagogue parking lot filled with Bimmers and Benzes. 🙂

    • Well, it still comes pretty close. I think they actually named it after somebody without foreknowledge of your earlier awesome comment. However, we can also post-attribute it to that.

  5. New Ep “Smog” by the Finkielkrauts :

    facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Finkielkrauts/26211923677?v=app_178091127385

    Thanks !!

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