Introducing… The Top 50 Tracks of 2010

November 12, 2010

As you all are least partially aware, I’m a bit of a music buff (it’s true!) and have used my URL and keyboard-banging to roundly box you about the ears with all manner of tunes over the course of the last two years.

In an effort to join the billions of blogs currently counting down their favorite/best/most lists, I am pleased (somewhat) to announce the following series:

The Top 50 Tracks of 2010

Starting tomorrow, I will attempt to count down my favorite 50 tracks of the current year, culminating in (again, hopefully) a New Year’s Day post featuring my Track of the Year. (Feel free to mentally insert “Motherfucking” before “Year.”)

I’ll be honest with you: a lot of these tracks have been featured in the Heavy Rotation. However, I can almost guarantee (without doing a lot of tedious maths) that it will contain less than 50% recycled material, thus delivering a mostly new experience and its attendant “green” crowd hand-wringing.

Now, I know a lot of you are saying (mostly you, Mom) “How could any one person decide which song receives which number? It’s madness, this kind of arbitrary audacity.” You (and my mother) are correct. The first 30 tracks will be pretty much in no particular order because I can’t honestly say that X track at #49 is 15 worse than X track at #30. If I told you I could, I’d be lying and my blog license would be revoked at email-point.

So, without further wordiness… the Top 50 Tracks of 2010!




  1. …hoping for one Lil Wayne in the mix.

    (FIRST on the ‘like’ button!)

    • Hmmm. I’d have to do some rearranging and take a look thru the backcatalog. I’ve got a Lil’ Wayne vs. Deadmau5 that’s pretty good, but I think that bootleg mix was cranked out in 2K09. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t post it for the hell of it, especially considering his impending release from prison.

      (If I could have gotten to it first, I would have pushed it myself.)

  2. If you don’t mind, I’d like to take liberties with your suggestion using ‘motherfucking’ before ‘New Year’ as I prefer New Motherfucking Year. I don’t know; I guess it brings back fond memories of the good times that we spent with Clive Fucking Cussler. Or something.

    • Take all the liberties with “motherfucking” you want, Scott. It’s an easy word. Easy like Sunday motherfucking Morning.

      I miss good old CFC, as well as his stunted manchild, DFC. They’re about due for a good pounding again. As does James Patterson. Check out this abhorrent stat:

      “In America, one out of every 17 hardback novels bought since 2006 has been written by the crime novelist James Patterson.”

      Taken from this post:


  3. The 50 Best Tracks of 2010?

    To be honest, I’d struggle to come up with a list of 50 songs written between 2000-2010 that I could just sit through, never mind enjoy.

    • I’m not sure what that says about your taste or music collection, but either way it would seem to leave you plenty of time to throw disparaging words and links in the general direction of these 50 tracks.

      Keep in mind that, like any list, this is highly subjective so any pointed barbs aimed at my taste/presumed sexual orientation aren’t likely to leave much of a mark.

    • Hey, just because you might be sexually attracted to synthesizers doesn’t automatically mean you have no musical taste. Nor does it automatically make you any less of a man. For that matter, neither does liking it up the ass automatically make you less of a man. (But I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to insert a synthesizer up your ass, so in case that may apply, I suggest you keep it as an “unrequited love”.) However, I’m not making any assumptions on any front. I have an open mind, at least until it is closed.

      My previous comment (I can’t name 50 good tracks written in the last 10 years) is based largely on my exposure. I have largely checked out on the music scene in the last decade or so. From what I have heard, I can’t say much has positively impressed me. Also, most of those that have positively impressed me dissolved, overdosed, or escaped without leaving me their name and number so I could get back in touch with them.

      I can’t believe EVERYTHING sucks. (Actually, maybe I can.) I suspect there is still some good stuff being made, if only recorded on 4 track in somebody’s basement. So, here’s your chance do your Obama impression and give me some (false) hope for the future.

      Yes you can! Yes you can! Yes you can! (And, if you can’t, you can expect me to let you know.)

    • I’m no Obama so I’ll keep my sights lowered to a more realistic level: 20%. We’ll see if 1-in-5 makes you rethink your policy of living in the musical past.

      This list will be a little synth-heavy, but your average industrial band is known for toting around a handful of those things, so they can’t be all bad.

  4. […] By request, here’s a track that is both a.) not in the Top 50 and b.) not even from 2010. (Well, technically it is, but Ghosts N Stuff predates this fine year of our Lord 2K10.) Those would be the only things “wrong” with this mashed-up masterpiece. […]

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