October 28, 2010

Atque iterum Back desertori magistro.
Damager Explicata.
Potestatem populi.



  1. Does this mean what I think/hope it means???

    • It does indeed mean what you think/hope it means. Only in a much more pretentious way.

  2. I’m not a blogger (mere commenter), but attach another star next to bschooleds for ‘like’.

    According to Google’s translator, atque iterum back desertori magistro = and again he comes the master of the deserter back. I’ll take that to mean you are no longer AWOL! 🙂

    • I’ve attached your star, but the tape keeps falling off. I think you have to get a blog or something going.

      Anyway, that butchered translation means I will no longer be AWOL in the near future. I guess MCs and Latin just don’t mix.

  3. Cartoons? Handing out stars? Am I back in grade-school again?

    • And now you don’t get a star, Mr. Back-sass.

    • But do I get a spanking from the principal? I hope so, because she is so fucking HOT!

  4. I lifted my refrigerator with one hand and cleaned underneath it while this song was on. It’s like aural meth.

    • Careful overusing that. You’ll get “meth ear,” which I believe it like “swimmer’s ear,” only with “gaping, rotting wounds” rather than “mild discomfort.”

  5. Word.

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