Heavy Rotation 56

August 1, 2010

Well, it appears the Rotation will be a bit Heavier this week, what with RF’s massive contribution a few days ago, which brought some bizarre elements (metal, jazz) into the mix as well as some overt swipes at my musical tastes.

In other words, highly recommended.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend The Clean and The Pillows. Anything Could Happen is especially amazing.

So, then. You know the drill. Three links. Five tracks. (About two of them good…) Comments open. Volume way up.

[Also from the drill: Links open in a new window. Right-click on track names to download and save.]

GQ talks Bill Murray into a rare interview, in which Bill talks. Quite a bit.

We all remember I Write Like. Here’s some pretty thorough testing. (William Faulkner is like Margaret Mitchell. Steven King is like either Dan Brown or William Gibson, depending on number of paragraphs used…)

Finally, Lego architecture. In the National Building Museum.

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Growing – Innit.mp3
Straight outta Crooklyn, the 3-piece Growing lay down a piece of Fuck Buttons-esque pulsating psychedelia, staggered and gated throughout, building towards a climax that sounds not unlike a hornet’s nest filled with carillons. Requires a bit of patience and a whole lot of volume to pick up the nuances, but completely worth it.

Archive – Bullets.mp3
Massive UK post-rock collective (aren’t they all? Collectives, that is…) Archive drives powerful minor chords across a glistening, wet electronic pavement, trying in vain to outrun a pursuing storm. They can’t, of course, and it all collapses into a coda of crushed sequencers and rolling blackouts.

Elite Force vs. The Gossip – Control the Engine.mp3
One-man breakbeat army Elite Force bites a Mr. Oizo intro before unleashing this dancefloor stormer, in which phat-ass basslines rub up against Beth Ditto’s femrock vocals, like a handsy Rosie O’Donnell hipchecking Joan Jett into the nearest wall.

It all turns out to be much better than the sum of its parts, with both protagonists morphing into the audio equivalent of lipstick lesbians, who promptly head off and tag-team the conveniently placed stripper pole… musically-speaking.

(This is why I’m not allowed to write for any major music publication.)

Holy Fuck – SHT MTN.mp3
We’ve featured them before, but Holy Fuck are just so damn good. This one’s been getting repeated plays lately, weeks after the release of their amazing second album, Latin.

Raucous. Rocking. Two minutes and forty seconds of muscular drumming, bursts of impedence and rhythmic chanting. And for a few short seconds early on, you’ll be transported to a Quiet Riot.

The Doors – Been Down So Long (Streetlab DJs Bootleg Mix).mp3
My three-year old boy likes it when I sing along to this. Possibly a Doors fan in the making, but only time will tell. If the apple falls near the tree, he’ll not be overly impressed with Morrison’s wild-haired poetry and wang-waggling.

This remix rocks hard, though, boosting up the stomping tempo and building a head of contemptuous, bluesy steam. It’s propulsive and infectious. And when the three-year old in your life says, “Sing it!” you had better start singing…

Well, I’ve been down so goddamn long
That it feels like up to me…

[Need a track removed? Taking me to task for my casual swearing and way more casual parenting? Donde esta el bano? Contact me at: 2timegrime@gmail.com.]



  1. Seriously glad I’m not a teacher. If I had a student like you, I wouldn’t be able to conceal my favoritism. Submitted papers would get rubber-stamped A+ and plastered with gold stars (of course I would I read them later…with the intensity and focus of reading a love letter). I would be showing the other teachers in the teachers lounge sentences like “audio equivalent of lipstick lesbians, who promptly head off and tag-team the conveniently placed stripper pole” followed by declarations of “this kid is going to Harvard!!” I might even lose sight of my judgment and get all Mary Kay Letourneau and end up in jail using tampons as hair rollers right before my arraignment since it will be televised. Just flat-out wouldn’t be right or fair to the other students. And I really don’t want to go to jail.

    Archive – Did I hear a little Bob Dylan (influence) in that song? A+, Cap, A the plus fuck.

    • I can only imagine the reception you’d get in the teachers’ lounge when imparting my uneven lesbian metaphor followed by a declaration that the writer “was going to Harvard.” I’m sure their mixture of dismay and confusion would only stoke your enthusiasm. After all, they aren’t Harvard material.

      Thanks very much for the enthusiastic comments and compliments, Elizabeth. And you may have heard some Dylan in Archive, which means I need to listen again to hear what I may have missed. A++ catch.

  2. This is strange – a man once asked me if he could see my “glistening, wet electronic pavement,” and I thought he was just being perverse, but now I know he just wanted to see me play music. Good to know.

    • Vodka –

      He probably just wanted to see you DJ. Pantsless. Surely there’s no harm in that, given the right amount of alcohol. The “electronic” part is troubling, though. Perhaps he has some sort of cyborg fetish.

      If so, you’re probably thinking what I’m thinking. Bring him home to meet the parents! (This assumes that one-half of your parental unit is a fax machine or something…)

  3. Vodka stole my comment.

  4. Nevermind, turns out I have another comment! (What can I say, it’s a gift.)

    I just realized that you’ve done 56 Heavy Rotations, and not one of them has been less than “glistening”.

    You’ve kept me in kicktastic music for over a year now, CLT. Thanks to you, I no longer have to rely on the mix tapes that my ex-boyfriend gave me back in the early 90’s.

    • Excellent! Another comment!

      I’m glad I’ve been able to rescue you from the muffled dub of your ex-boyfriend’s mixtapes. If nothing else, Heavy Rotation has saved the world from hearing “You’re Unbelievable” yet again. (Of course, you’d have to stop attending sporting events or watching TV/movies as they seem to trot this “gem” out time and time again.)

      Thanks, bschooled. I may not be able to get that kid to camp, but at least I can get you past cassettes.

  5. CLT, it’s not many places I can find such succinctly and exquisitely expressed descriptions as “contemptuous, bluesy steam.” Although it’s possible my kindergarten teacher used that exact phrase to describe a bout of flatulence I flaunted during a nap break. In any case, this Heavy Rotation was a typically magnificent audio treat.

    • Ha!

      That’s exactly what I was going for: Jim Morrison’s music being compared to kindergarten farts. Take that, dead man!

      Thanks very much for the compliments, AUM.

  6. You really know how to put the clockwise circular motion in Heavy Rotation. And it couldn’t get much heavier even if you started using Plutonium #5 as your new musicy (and bomby, not to be confused with balmy) material.

    I enjoyed the Bill MUrrey interview. He is one of my favorite people ever. And I write like is going to cause Stephen King to kill either Dan Brown or maybe James Patterson. But is that a bad thing? NO.

    This was another fine smattering of beats to make my heart go boom. My favorite was The Doors remix. I’ve always enjoyed the feel goody sound and lyrics of The Doors.

    • Thanks, Scott. I’m kind of surprised all these picks worked together as I just grabbed the next 5 from “The List,” which has a current backlog of about 30 tracks on it. Hopefully, more balmy bombs of ear candy are on the way soon.

      I dug the Bill Murray interview as well. He’s such a great guy and has actually crafted himself a stellar body of work, unlike most of his SNL compatriots.

      And that Doors mix makes me actually enjoy the Doors. So that says something. Mostly about me. And about the Doors. But especially about the Streetlab DJs. They kill.

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