Heavy Rotation 54

July 25, 2010

I don’t have three links picked out this week due to some scheduling conflicts (read: more going on than I have actual hours for). Instead, I’m posting links to three blogs I read regularly. (Again, time permitting.)

All links open in a new window. Right-click on song titles to download.

Newmark’s Door – Full of killer links

Hit & Run – Reason’s top-notch libertarian blog, which manages to inform and entertain without going all “guns in a shack” psycho.

No Pain in Pop – Way out on the cutting edge. HR wouldn’t be what it is without their ceaseless exploration…

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Deftones – Rocket Skates (m83 Remix).mp3
First of all, I’m never really sure whether to pronounce them as the Def-tones or the Deft-ones. (Wiki says “Def-tones,” but then Wiki says a lot of stuff. I’m going to go with the second.)

If you had to listen to one nu metal band, you could do a whole lot worse than Chino Moreno’s band, which has been a formative force in many a lesser nu metal band. Needless to say, we’ll try no to hold that against them.

But what we’re really here for is the remix. And m83 do a number on this one. Somehow, through some sort of electronic sorcery, m83 manage to crank up the aggression while simultaneously losing every single guitar. There’s not a single six-string chord in sight and yet, the track still sounds raw and unhinged. Moreno’s vocals deserve some of the credit here, helping to pace the tune while being set adrift from his usual rhythm section.

It all adds up to a Deftones track that I would not only listen to, but listen to repeatedly.

Twin Sister – Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix).mp3
A gorgeous daytripper filled with the swooning harmonics of the greatest ’60s girl group to never exist, filtered through electronica (via Glitter Bones) that lies somewhere between Telepopmusik and Peepholes. It’s the audio equivalent of an early-morning mist rolling off the ocean as it gently breaks across the empty shoreline.

Plus, it features one of the most self-effacing daily affirmations ever:

Just because I’m losing you
Doesn’t make me a loser

Oh, and check out their site. Not only does it do the usual tours/releases thing, but stems for all songs are available so you can remix them yourselves. Bedroom producers: start your laptops.

Toy – The All Seeing Eye.mp3
English-Norwegian electronic duo Toy’s take on dub will no doubt be shunned by the very genre it embraces, because, for some goddamn reason, dub is taken very seriously by its fans. All thses kids with sunken cheeks and studio tans keep hanging around bringing everybody down with their “it’s 40 degrees and raining in my head… all the time” moodiness.

Who says dub has to be all detached and distended? Toy certainly doesn’t. Their track gurgles away, wandering around carefreely, past some cartoonish noises and into a whole pile of synthed-up strings. Not entirely unlike Dub Narcotic Soundsystem, who seldom took their “job” seriously while still managing to deploy every reverberating trick in the book.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better (Den Haan Remix).mp3
Den Haan, Glaswegian disco-technicians (and featured in an earlier Heavy Rotation), turn in a brilliant retro remix that recalls flourescent-covered bodies strutting their stuff on a smoke-filled dancefloor, when not slipping away to the restrooms to dice up coke rails with their corporate credit cards.

Plushgun – Mixtape (Buffetlibre Remix).mp3
With a track name like “Mixtape,” you know Plushgun is looking backwards. Between their rearview mirror and Buffetlibre’s surehanded post-production, it sounds like nothing less than the second coming of Erasure, who never really went away, actually. It’s just that no one really talks about them anymore…

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  1. Guns!! Razors!! Definitely not the best choice of song when I just woke up. That morphed into sheer delight with Toy!! I can take some, I can leave some, but this hit a sweet spot…musical candy dripping in whimsical frivolity (as in frivolity with gravitas). I can just imagine myself (almost) skipping along Las Vegas Blvd listening to this song on my iPod. Yummy delicious!

    P.S. Great links!!

    • I can see how the Deftones might be a bit much for the midafternoon or early evening or whenever it is that you actually greet what’s left of the daylight, Elizabeth.

      As for take-some, leave-some: I may consider changing “Heavy Rotation” to “Take It or Leave It” and hope for a 60% success rate. After all, 3 out of 5 is good enough to win divisional playoffs.

      I think a skip down Las Vegas Blvd. would do some good, Elizabeth, if not for you, but for all the jaded tourists who think they’ve “seen it all” and haven’t found the perfect anecdote to tell their friends and family in Backwater, USA. Some variation of “it takes all kinds” or “they only come out during the midafternoon/early evening” will probably be deployed.

  2. Good stuff, CLT.

    I’m not sure if it’s the “I’m stabbing stupid people with my eyes” mood I’m in or what, but I’ve already listened to the Deftones track three times and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

    And while Erasure will always own my naive and acrimony-free adolescent heart, Plushguns has dibs on my still naive but not acrimony-free thirty-something heart.

    (Whatever the f*ck that means?)

    • “Stabbing stupid people with my eyes.” That’s going in the book. Seeing as I’m not one of the stupid people, I’m glad you found the track as awesomely fulfilling as I did.

      And I’m not entirely sure what the fuck that means, but Plushgun = WIN in a more grown-up but still childishly naive sort of way. I think.

      Thanks for the comment, B.

  3. I actually really love the pace of the Deftones remix (I dont know the original so not sure if thats where that drawn-out-drawl sound originates from?) but I just love how there is a fierceness in the vocal and the sound, but the track itself is kinda so slow and drawn out that it is almost mellow….

    I LOVE how you described the Twin Sisters track, and the vocals make me want to check out the original, mainly cuz you called them best 60’s girl band ever!

    Also, I am a massive dub (and reggae) fan, but I have never found myself taking it seriously. I’m surprised to hear that some people do, it seems to be the antithesis of everything it encapsulates – slow, raw, trippy, playful, bass heavy beauty! So I’m with you (and Toy) cuz who says it needs to be distended and detached…?! i like their quirky take on it, it has a kind of fantastical sound…

    I’m not the biggest Hot Chip fan (the artist, not the food stuff – I LOVE that shit) so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the remix, and yes, Plushgun certainly seem to be looking thru their rearview mirror – directly back at the 80s!!

    Great as always CLT

    • That’s pretty much exactly what I love about the Deftones remix as well, Ruby. It’s like two different songs playing off each other and with each other. That’s the kind of genius that happens all too rarely.

      I hope my description didn’t lead you into what probably isn’t “the best 60’s girl band ever,” but I hope you still found the Twin Sisters original work to your liking. I sometimes get carried away in truncated hyperbole that tends to obscure as much as it enlightens.

      I think as far as dub goes, most of it isn’t all that morose (especially the early stuff, which tends toward blissful stoned paranoia). However, the latest iterations (dubstep, grime) seem to be mining a much darker vein than the earlier forefathers would have anticipated.

      And also, not a fan of Hot Chip. But I do like Den Haan, so I decided to give this remix a shot. I’m glad I did.

  4. Due to scheduling conflicts? I don’t understand how you do it. And you have a full time job? That’s just crazy man, just crazy. I barely work and I can hardly post regularly on one blog. I can barely manage to get dressed in the morning some days, but that’s another blog of its own, isn’t it?

    I enjoyed the Deft Ones. And I thank you for introducing the possibility of another pronunciation, I believe that it did well to light a fire under our off again on again romance.

    And I also loved Toy. It was a new kind of sound for me. I also enjoyed picturing their anorexic/metrosexual/spray-tanned detractors moping that someone dared to make their genre less suicidal. It helps that I pictured them with emo haircuts. Those emos are always good for a laugh.

    • I’ve asked myself the exact same thing, Scott. Is he on meth? Crack? Or just some kind of prolific freaky genius? I can barely keep up commenting. How he churns out volume after volume, chapter after chapter, post after brilliant post…I hope he has time for that book I have been anticipating! That is, after he has lined up a bevy of editors because one will not be enough.

    • Here’s how I do it:

      1. The electronic devices (TV, other computer, PS2 & 3) raise the kids.
      2. Four to six minutes of sleep per night.
      3. Cut extended family off.
      4. Cut extended sentences off.
      5. Use an egg timer for conversation with immediate family.
      6. Sell soul.

      It’s reall pretty simple. Oh, and I’ve dropped off severely in my regular commenting, which others have probably noticed. That’s the whole “selling your soul” thing acting up.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the re-christened Deft Ones. And Toy seems to be the surprise hit this week. Good for them, as they are one of only a few bands on Lastfm that need a disassociation page.

  5. […] Continuing our random travels around the world, we jump from Japan to Brasil with grind metal greats Sepultura and the second song of their Chaos A.D. release. It takes skill to play fast, and perhaps even more to play slow, which is what these four guys from Belo Horizonte did whilst the most of the metal scene was still on its speed kick. I’m trying to remember why I included this song… oh, yeah, that focus again. This should have been at the top, making fun of Cap for getting no closer to metal than the nu variety, and that in remix form. […]

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