Heavy Rotation 52

July 11, 2010

Well, now that we’ve gotten it all out of our systems (“we” being mainly me), welcome back to the Heavy Rotation, which will be filled once again with pleasant tones both danceable and/or warm.

Oh, and resident clothes horse RF Interference has booted around the idea of helming a few Rotations, so there’s that to look forward to.

Previous versions (including that one we’ve agreed never to speak of again) available here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Here’s three to read while the band(s) play on:

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New stuff to learn! Some of it disturbing and profane! Cleverly illustrated!

The Eight Suckiest Ads on Craigslist.

PJ O’Rourke on public schools.

Japandroids – Sovereignty.mp3
Straight ahead indie rock, all speedy fuzz guitars and a bit of the f-bomb tossed around casually. Not entirely unlike No Age during their more straightforward tracks or a punched-up Mission of Burma. The kind of thing that should soundtrack getting ready for a night out on the town. Or for the night itself.

All in all, it sounds a whole lot bigger than the duo behind all the racket. Amazing.

Ojos Rojos – Step Outside.mp3
Still staying in straight ahead indie rock vein, it’s Ojos Rojos, a four-piece set of Californians, who build a huge guitar wall of sound, putting them in the same league as post-glam rock stars such as Suede and the Verve in their more anthemic moments. Also carries with it a hint of Ride’s bruising take on shoegaze.

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix).mp3
The lead single from LCD’s latest gets rerubbed by DFA labelmates Holy Ghost!, who run Murphy’s pisstake on clubbing youth down to the local danceteria on retro night, filling it full of cheap tropical drinks and plenty of Duran Duran, Yaz and Animotion. Great faux-everything all over the place as Murphy’s vocals duel with cheap, click-y handclaps and tin-eared drum machines.

It’s all very close to being a bit too much, but the cocksure production keeps it just on this side of cliched retro disaster.

Animotion – Obsession.mp3
And while we’re still in an ’80s mood, here’s one of my favorites from that era. It’s unapologetically electronic, what with the dayglo synth stabs and the most mechanical of drum machines. It’s all some sort of shorthand for “futuristic,” hailing as it does from an era when the facade was at least as important as the interior, which was usually just a whole bunch of black leather and chrome.

Despite all that, it manages to sound coolly retro without sounding hopelessly dated.

Cruise [CTRL] – Eat My Fear (Roswell Conspiracy Mix).mp3
Black as all hell electro from a pair of Twin Peaks-obsessed Belgians. Shades of John Carpenter’s soundtrack work (think The Thing and Halloween) mix with a minimal but unrelenting tech-house beat. The perfect thing to scare the over-sensitive skin off the ecstasy crowd. Makes me wish I was still DJing.

Can’t argue with that track name, either. Perfect. (And looking further, I see they’ve done some work with Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242. Even more perfect.)

[Want a track removed? Concerned with a perceived lack of focus? Wondering who the hell this “RF guy” is? Wish to tell me about the millions of pounds I’ve won in a country I’ve never set foot in? Contact me at 2timegrime@gmail.com]



  1. Confession: I totally blew off the song selections and honed in on the PJ O’Rourke article on public schools (I’m allowed). I was first introduced to the suggestion that we abolish the Department of Education by Libertarian columnist Vin Suprynowicz (a name harder to spell than my own). Most of my life I have have been of the mindset that more $$=better education. Whaddayaknow, it’s not necessarily so. O’Rourke presents a compelling financial argument.I enrolled both my daughters in Virtual High School two years ago. I can’t say it was the right choice or a perfect fit, but I have no regrets based on PSAT and SAT scores, and increased domestic tranquility based on not running around all the time or not getting enough sleep. It is a bold and innovative plan that O’Rourke proposes. Seems like a good idea to test run it somewhere in the country and see how it plays out.

    P.S. I actually listened to about 10 seconds each of the songs, but I would never blow off your words. Never.

    • Public schools are one of the largest wastes of tax dollars in America today. They run on billions of dollars and rarely show positive results. And yet they’re always bitching about how little money they have. It could be true in terms of usage on students. A ton of it goes to administration.

      But that’s neither here nor there. (Mostly not here. With O’Rourke’s article, mostly there.)

      I’m glad you had the strength of will to listen to 10 seconds apiece, especially considering last week’s Heavy Rotation: Antagonistic Blogger Edition.

  2. Sweet!

    Sorry I’ve been out of the loop lately, CLT. I’ve visited regularly, but sadly the Stampede has taken a toll on the part of my brain that writes comments other than “Yee Haw!” and “It’s Not cheatin’, it’s Stampedin’!”

    Anyhoo, it’s back to reality on Wednesday, so after a quick intervention and accelerated detox program, I should have every last bit of Tim McGraw and whoeverthefuck it is that sings “My Maria” out of my system.

    Loved the Japanroids track, but then again I knew I would just based on their name. And Animotion and Cruise [CTRL] helped wash off some of the stank that Garth Brooks left on me.

    • Welcome back to civilization, bschooled! I’m sure the several hours/days you spent being cheated and stampeded (stampeted?) will fade to little more than uncomfortable memories within the coming weeks. You know, the kind of memories that make you blush even though no one else is around. Those kind of faded, uncomfortable memories.

      Yee haw, indeed! No one writes stank-removal music like those three. In fact, Animotion were post-New Wave leaders in the destanking movement that swept the outskirts of Calgary in 1986.

  3. I loved them all, CLT, without exception. I even read PJ (I last read him in Rolling Stone – like – twenty freaking years ago), and he hasn’t lost a step. But the music whipped my brain into a rabies froth, after I had just thrashed the living bejesus out of a Fender Strat, broke a string, and ripped a nail off. All for power chords and rock. The neighbors called . . . the wife loved it, but the husband? Not so much, and their house is over a hundred yards away. Just cuz my wife and kid are gone for a couple of days, and I can stack some old Marshals and, and, am I rambling? Damn. You’re awsome, man. This music sparks some serious damn flashbacks. I’m gonna start the camaro tomorrow, then get help. You’re my connection to great tunes in the here and now. Thanks. Okay. I’m fine now.

    • I’m glad these all were a collective hit, Dan, especially PJ, whose writing I’ve loved for years. (There’s no better political handbook than “Parliament of Whores” in my opinion.)

      I’m even happier that you were inspired to terrorize the neighbors with your guitar, because that’s what great music is supposed to do: terrorize and inspire (in whichever order).

  4. I think I broke something. Sorry. One minute I was clicking on tracks, and the next, nada, frozen play buttons….I will have to do a never fail reboot and come back again….

    But firstly let me say that further family mania has keep me away from listening to anything on heavy rotation other than the sound “argghhhhhh” for the last week, but catching up (before my computer cut me off) I have to say that I was lovin Animotion, classic!

    And I also must confess that I think I love love yr HR descriptions even more than the songs. Not that I dont love the songs (well, most of them) but I really enjoy your impassioned, witty prose about them, EG, “It’s all some sort of shorthand for “futuristic,” hailing as it does from an era when the facade was at least as important as the interior” Love it. And a Yaz reference! Fantastic blast from the past.

    And yr right, Japandroids were doing some great straight up indie there.

    Thanks CLT

    • Ruby –

      I wouldn’t worry about breaking anything. The blog seems damn near indestructible although it does seem to require the occasional cache-clearing reboot, much like the rest of internet.

      I hear you (and argghhhh) on family mania. I’ve got a couple of young boys myself and we often find ourselves engaging in a bit of “call and response” yelling (mainly them yelling at each other and me yelling at them to stop yelling at each other). It’s circuitous, but it’s what makes life worth living, according to the self-help books I keep reading, each with more hand-drawn crayon illustrations than the last.

      Thanks very much for the compliments. I love writing the Heavy Rotation even though I find it very difficult sometimes to find descriptive words that I haven’t already run into the ground. Perhaps if I switched genres more frequently…

      Thanks for making the time to visit. Sorry about the faulty code.

  5. Hey are you into The Fugs by any chance? i just read an eulogy today for one of the founding members, Tuli…someone? I had never heard of him, or the band before, but it was a really interesting read about classic New York underground, and inspired me to check them out, which I think i will go and do right now….

    • You know, I haven’t really listened to them. I keep getting them confused with the Shaggs and the Troggs, leading me to believe I’ve already listened to them, possibly years ago.

      I may go and check them out as well. Fugs. With an “F.” Got it.

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