Heavy Rotation Vol. 45

May 23, 2010

Hey, readers. Sorry about the lack of insightful yet hilarious intro. Instead, please enjoy this.


It will keep your eyes busy while your ears are otherwise occupied. And remove at least 4-5 hours of your previously free time.

Like intros? Most of these have those:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

The Fall – Serum.mp3
From 2002’s underrated* The Unutterable, a heavily electronic album that seems to be stealing pages from several different electronic artists (var. Big Beat artists, some swing/samba distortion a la Foetus). This track in particular seems to be quoting (of all bands) Infected Mushroom**, I shit you not. It’s all densely layered breakbeats and acid squiggles, with Mark E. Smith’s overenunciated Mancunian drawl coloring in the spaces, ranting-uh and raving-uh about godknowswhat.

* (Let’s be honest, when you release something like 1,300 albums over the course of 3.5 decades, you’re bound to end up with a few labelled “underrated.” It’s just simple math.)
** (If you’re not familiar, and there’s really no reason you should be, Infected Mushroom are an Israeli trance group that travels the harsher, more psychedelic side of trance. Many labels have been carelessly applied to their pounding, acidic trance. Psytrance and goa are the ones that have stuck.)

Echo & the Bunnymen – Proxy.mp3
Apparently, the Bunnymen are back together. Despite all my musical expertise, I thought that they had pretty much said the hell with it after 1997’s Evergreen, which would have been the last album of theirs I purchased.

I have since been informed (by MEK and Wiki) that a.) they’ve been releasing albums every four years or so for the past 12 years and b.) the world does NOT revolve around me and my CD purchases. So… good for them!

This track is all kinds of bouncy fun, full of sixties-ish piano and harmonizing. In fact, it’s so great you’ll swear they never missed a beat all these misinformed years.

James – Dr. Hellier.mp3
Speaking of bands that have reformed (or not), here’s James with a timely body-as-world analogy that speaks in metaphors about disease-as-international-tension, which is then completed through the titular Dr. Hellier’s invasion of the body/country via a Fantastic Voyage-esque capsule in an effort to save it/them/everyone from themselves/himself/itself.

Speaking of things we’ve spoken of before, James released an album in 2008, so it could be argued that they’ve been back for at least two years already. Not only that, but this mysterious MEK also recommended this tune and told me (more or less) to hijack his “Fantastic Voyage” description and claim it as my own.

Blancmange – The Game Above My Head.mp3
This track is everything good about the 80’s: huge, lush synthwork, chilly overtones, the faux-est of faux handclaps and minimal, oblique lyrics. It’s like an audible Nagel print. Not only that, but it was released in 1984 (on their second album, Mange Trout), the eightiest year of the 80’s.

It’s the kind of electro-perfection that’s bright enough to snare the pop tarts, yet dark enough to engage the goths.


Moullinex & Xinobi – Discotexas (Digitalfoxglove Mix).mp3
You absolutely know the title came first. And with a title this kickass, you have to follow through. Moullinex, in conjunction with Xinobi (with valuable support from Digitalfoxglove) do exactly that, laying down a vintage 909-ish 4/4, some big-as-Texas strings and anchoring the whole ball-o’-disco to some sexed-up slap bass.



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    • Thanks, CM.

      I’ve been very concerned about my banner vis a vis rotation of such. I tried to mount a campaign to settle the light v. medium v. heavy debate once and for all, but my temporarily disabled militia shifted to “permanently” with alarming quickness.

      I’m placing the blame squarely on your spammy shoulders, CM. You can expect a strongly-worded pipebomb via parcel post within the next 4-6 weeks.

      Oh. And I took the liberty of fixing your links so they don’t take us anywhere we’d rather not be going.

  2. Good call on the MEK hijack. I’m sure he’s outraged, but I thoroughly approve. The new James is all round solid and like the latest one by The National, more enjoyable with each listen. Oh, and The Fall have a new one out. (That makes 1,301) And to my ears, it’s quite great.

    • Yes. That MEK sure hands out a lot of advice and usefully hijackable phrases. Too bad he’s so mysterious. And outraged.

      The dog is right. The new National is mindbreakingly brilliant. I’ve heard it described as perfect “rainy day music.” Don’t worry about who I heard it from. The quote shall remain “unattributable.”

      Hooray for the Fall! They’re like Prince, only without the handy vault to store all their recordings. Also they’re taller. And less purple. And more credible.

      Great to see you again, Alan. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Apropos of absolutely nothing: I’ve always thought an edible Nagel print would taste like Good & Plenties.

    • Lisa-

      I think you’re right. I was thinking “edible panties,” but that’s what I’m usually thinking 90% of the time.

      Thanks for the great comment, Lisa, however inapropo.

  4. I’m sorry CLT, but I seem to have more questions that commentary in this ‘comment. You don’t have to explain the irony to me. I know brother….I know.

    That site was really cool. The honey bear scared the shit out of me. But why don’t you make your links open in a new window or page? Don’t you know how likely I am to get lost and never find my way home due to my overpowering ADD?

    Why does that man’s face look like it got hit by a shark?

    Is a Mancunian accept an accent from Manchester?

    Where did you find that old picture of Vanilla Ice and Marky Mark?

    How exactly do you sex up a slap bass?

    I appreciate your taking the time to educate your faithful readers. Especially your ‘slower, thicker’ one! BTW, I loved them all but the last was my favorite!

    • Hmmm. A fine set of questions in place of a normal comment, Scott.

      Good question on the site. I normally set the links to open in a new window (because I suffer from the same affliction) because I know what a pain in the ass it is to have to surf back. I’ll get that fixed. I think the honey bear is supposed to be scary, but it’s some sort of art, so who knows?

      That man looks like that because he’s lived the hard life of a fringe rock&fuckinroll star. I assume he started a band to get laid, like most atrociously unattractive Mancunians. (Yes, Scott. Macunian = of Manchester. See also Shaun Ryder, Ian Brown, the lead singer of the Charlatans whose name escapes me now…)

      I found that old photo via the Internet. It’s amazing. They got all sorts of shit just lying around.

      Sexing up a slap bass usually takes copious amounts of weed/rohypnol. You won’t feel better about yourself in the morning and the funk never really washes off.

      Always glad to help out, Scott. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

  5. For a change, CLT, I sat demurely in my chair with a reverential expression, ankles crossed and hands clasped together as I listened to the Heavy Rotation, Vol 45. I don’t know what’s got into me as that seems totally out of character…just felt like being a ‘student.’

    Whoever made up that theme song to the Sopranos totally ripped it from Blancmange, IMH(MU*)O.

    * musically uneducated

    • e3h-

      Thanks for sitting up and paying attention for once, without being distracted by airy quantum physics articles or Tannerleah’s endless Dio eulogizing.

      I think you may be on to something with Blancmange. That does have a bit of a familiar bassline to it. That would be the Alabama 3 (or A3) you’re accusing of musical theft, e3h. They seem to be of the “ruffian” variety, so be careful. Or at least be sure you can match them drink-for-drink.

      Thanks for the magnificent comment, e3h.

      (Fun fact: another track from the same album (“Exile on Coldharbour Lane”) was featured on the “Barnyard” soundtrack. Go figure…)

  6. Awesome possum, CLT! (Sorry. For some strange reason the ghost of my late Aunt Phylis took over the keyboard for a minute…)

    Like you, MEK knows his music. And Moulinex and Xinobi kick ass.

    Thanks for the tunes, CLT. There are few things I enjoy more than listening to stellar music while at the same time perusing cool photos of chewing gum with googly eyes.

    • Your aunt Phylis is welcome to the keyboard anytime, as long as she keeps tossing out kickassedly outdated catchphrases. I could use the material…

      MEK is “on point” as the military kids say. And M&X are the “ass-kickingest” as the kids are going to start saying if they know what’s good for them.

      Thanks for the comment, bschooled. I’ve added “Mange Trout” to the multi-page list of “safe words.” Just a few more and our list will be as long as Nixon’s.

  7. (ps. “Mange trout” used to be my safeword…)

    • I think it’s much less “safe” when pronounced with a pronounced French accent.

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