Heavy Rotation Vol. 37

March 28, 2010

In lieu of a clever introductory paragraph, I instead offer this link for your entertainment. (It’ll open in a new window.)

Escape Motions – Flame

Just a little something to play with while listening to the tunes. Prepare to say goodbye to the next couple of hours.

Hours of fun here as well:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

The Cure – All I Had to Do was Kill Her (Live – Germany, 1982).mp3
A staple of the Cure’s live shows during the early ’80s, All I Had to Do… is an epic piece of near-gothic darkness. As the song expands and picks up the pace, Robert Smith bleeds all over the track, draping his distinctive voice over jagged shards of guitar and a very powerful rhythm section.

Fuck Buttons – Rough Steez.mp3
The glorious unharnessed electro-psychedelia that is the Fuck Buttons returns, with a track from their latest album. If their initial single Surf Solar was the finesse and current single Olympians is the stamina, then Rough Steez is the brawn, all swaggering id, an unstoppable force in search of an immovable object.

Late of the Pier – Space and the Woods.mp3
Produced to sparkly perfection by Erol Alkan (one-half of previous Heavy Rotation favorites Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve), Late of the Pier are all tomorrow’s parties as visualized by synthpop pioneers. With all that hindsight behind them, the future is now. Like what Gary Numan sorely wishes he was doing now.

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – Shopper’s Paradise.mp3
Nothing new about these bitterly smart pop deviants. Carter USM (as they were frequently abbreviated, especially in front of their mums) released this track 19 years ago on their 30 Something album. Taking on everyone’s favourite symbol of capitalism, the shopping mall, Carter USM sets guitars to rave, drum machines to stun and right eyebrows to permanently arched.

A satirical celebration of all-in-one shopping, where you can pick up “knuckle dusters, glass jaws and wooden hearts” while your better half picks up “sprays and lipsticks/tested on bunnies, girls, strays and misfits.” A thoroughly enjoyable poke in the eye.

Frank Black – The Hostess with the Mostest.mp3
Frank Black (late of the Pixies and, oddly enough, currently of the Pixies) takes a different take with his ode to the excesses of your average shopping mall. As befitting an album titled Teenager of the Year, Black peers through nostalgia-tinted glasses to the days when he “hit the mall on every Friday/When it was biggest in the world,” but still manages a warning shot across the bow a few lines into the song:

I hear surf on kazoo
And I march with the militia of the mime


[All music posted on Fancy Plans… is kick ass and too awesome to be contained. All music is also posted temporarily and, due to its high level of ass-kicking, should not be distributed without a prescription and care should be taken while operating heavy equipment or dancing around the living room (clothing optional, but do remember that the blinds are open/kids are still awake).
Should you wish to have your brilliant artistic statement forced back into confinement, please email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com. Feel free to leave a comment, as that will probably be noticed sooner.
By all means, if you like what you hear (and you will), please support the totally rocking artist(s) by purchasing some music or heading out to see them live.]


  1. All good stuff CLT, but I am a big Pixies and/or Frank Black fan, hell we went to the same high school. He’s totally bizarre, the Eric Lynch of music, but you gotta love ’em.

    • Thanks, FJ. Same school as Black Francis, eh? I always assumed it was a Catholic school, what with “Weird at My School.” But then that means I assume you didn’t go to a Catholic school.

      A conundrum.

      I’ve often heard Black Francis referred to as the “Charlie Brown” of altrock. This Lynch reference is new to me. Of course, Billy Corgan took the title from him after the unfortunate misunderstanding at the barbershop…

    • I am not sure where Frank graduated from, but he attended my high school in Southern Cal for a year or so before moving back east. I didn’t go to a Catholic school, but it was during this time in Calif. that Frank got exposed to Larry Norman (a Christian 70s rocker) and his parents were attending a fundamentalist Christian church. A lot of Black’s song have a biblical connection.

    • True, he does have the right amount of Biblical references and heretical associations that can only come from being raised in a very religious household.

      “Come on, pilgrim. You know he loves you.”

      Thanks but no thanks, Larry. I can find my own way out.

  2. Frank Black?! Fuck yeah! Tonight was a good night not to pass out too early!

    • Thanks, RR. I’m glad to be the exception that proves the rule.

  3. All good stuff, CLT. IMHO, the Cure is always…well, the cure.

    (ps. Back in the 90’s, “Fuck Buttons” was my chat room handle.)

    • Thanks, bschooled. The Cure are often bad for what ails you, unless it’s some sort of depression, then they’re quite good for you in a very bad and self-affirming sort of way.

    • (I’m letting the “Fuck Buttons” thing ride. It’s too good to be toyed with, but I’m sure later I’ll decide there are a multitude of punchlines contained therein.)

    • Actual conversation in our household:

      Bebe: “What are you listening to?”

      Me: “Fuck Bottoms”

      Bebe: “You mean BUTTONS?”

      Me: “Yeah, Fuck Buttums”

      (This is me 15 years clean and sober. Warning to Scott)

  4. (pps. I hope FJ didn’t copyright that “All good stuff” quote.

    Because if so, I’m in trouble.)

    • You’ll be hearing from Richard Spotts of Franklin, Kelly and Franklin, LLC real soon I imagine.

    • As long as you don’t use “kickassic.”

  5. [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/2mpfwb5.jpg[/IMG]

  6. Oops

    • Brilliant E3H. Never mind us CLT, we’ll try to stay out of the way.

    • So brilliant I’m going to ignore the botched embedding. Thanks, e3h!

  7. The Cure song was the shiznitiest! I loved the Fuck Buttons too, I mean who doesn’t right?

    Although I did miss your clever opening paragraph, Flame is amazing. There goes the workday…..

    • Indeed, who doesn’t love the Fuck Buttons. In fact, “We Love Fuck Buttons” was the name of chatroom that bschooled ran in the early 90’s. Some say it dissolved. Others say it morphed into 4chan. Either way, society was damaged forever.

      Yeah, Flame ate away most of an afternoon for me. Some of the other Experiments are pretty amazing as well.

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