Who Loves Whitey?

March 26, 2010

You know you do. Say it loud and proud.

A nearly-anonymous tipster informed me in the Heavy Rotation Vol. 36 comment thread that Whitey is back. And blogging.


Needless to say, he’s been added to the blogroll. Stop by and give the man some love. And free up April 1st. His new album will be up for listening and purchasing over at his MySpace site:




  1. I saw “Whitey” and I got so EXCITED, then realized it was not the Whitey of Everlast. Am I a musical dunce or does my Whitey merit interest too (my daughter claims I am hopelessly hopeless)? $10 is riding on your answer (be honest).

    • Alas, your Whitey does not, or at least, not to the extent that this Whitey does.

      Compare anything by Everlast to this song:

      I think we know who owes who $10 now.

  2. Bebe profusely thanks you for the $10 (especially since she does not get an allowance). Interesting song — it took me to faraway places: aquatic warbling against an imaginary Martian calliope while conjuring up images of Texan oil derricks, the New Mexico desert, flashing neon motel signs, and 1940s presidential fireside chats via radio (strangely, there were no Mariachis). It did all that. The other Whitey is not as phantasmagoric, but remains my preference which may be why I lost $10 (I plan on keeping the bets real low from here on out).

    • I’m really not sure why you lost the bet either, musical taste being subjective and all. I would still recommend my Whitey to others, perhaps with the phrase “Would you like to hear a tighter Whitey?” or perhaps just casually tout his merits with hyperbole like “Whitey for president.”

      Could be fun.

  3. I will stop by and check him out pronto. How can someone be nearly-anonymous though? I thought that was like killing a clown, all or nothing.

    I love when people I like blog or have columns. I just saw Stephen King was writing for Entertainment Weekly and had to go back and read every article.

    • Hahaha!!!

      It is like that, Scott. Exactly like that. I phrased it that way for comic effect. Much like the reason I would kill a clown.

      Whitey doesn’t have much going on blogwise at the moment, but I figured it would be better to get in on the ground floor…

  4. It’s times like this when I wish WordPress had a “like” icon.

    • That’s a great idea. I’ll be right back…

      Hmmm. That was quick.

      It went something like this:

      “Look, if you’ve got yet another bag of ‘Bring Back Sick Days’ petitions, just throw them in the boiler room with the rest.

      Uh-huh. Listen, whoever-the-fuck-you-are, this is WordPress and we’ve got more than 200 million blogs, most of them abandoned. Speaking of which, why don’t you just delete ‘Blow by Blow.’ It’s not as if you ever get over there anymore.”

      I started crying and let myself out.

  5. It took me a while, but I figured it out. You’re talking about the artist and not the race.

    • Yes, the headline does seem to tell a different tale. But rest assured, I’m very much behind Whitey’s musical superiority.

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