Heavy Rotation Vol. 35

March 14, 2010

Welcome back, my friends to the show that never ends, thanks to funding (in whole or in part) from the Hallmark Corporation (who would like to remind you that purchasing only one card for Valentine’s Day is like cheating on your loved one with their ex) and some fine legal negotiations by our retained law firm which have allowed us to achieve Fernando!!!!-esque adulation in exchange for our souls (which were mostly used up anyway).

Fancy a trip back to a more innocent time?
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Fischerspooner – A Kick in the Teeth.mp3
For a couple of performance artists who swear they hate synthesizers, Fischerspooner sure do make some pretty music with them. Another of their pulsing fits of depression, which builds to the singalongiest of choruses.

It’s all about the elegantly stated ennui, ladies and gentlemen. Ennui with a strangely forward-looking twist. Kickstart your headspace.

Zombie Nation – Mas De Todo (Rodelledo Mix).mp3
Zombie Nation (you may remember him from the impossible-to-avoid Kernkraft 400 single from the early-2k’s) has returned with something completely unexpected. Instead of riding the glitch-bandwagon or giving ravers something to “sing” along to, he instead drop this masterful piece of dance floor madness.

So what’s the fucking what? Horns borrowed from a 70’s cop show theme song, riding along to what sounds (to my untrained ears) like a 6/8 beat, topped with fun noises, pitch shifting and shouts of “Mas!”

Peepholes – Lair (E*Rock Mix).mp3
Another day, another UK electro duo, banging KAOS pads and various instruments in an attempt to out-Lightning Bolt their competitors. Only, you know, good.

Sounding like Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic having its way with the soundtrack from A Clockwork Orange while a shouty student demonstration marches past the windows and directly into a distorted wormhole.

Beat the Devil – Shine in Exile.mp3
Like a languishing Stevie Nicks fronting Clinic while the Fiery Furnaces call out requests. Where else but in New York could a 5-foot 2-inch lead singer combine with a 6-foot 5-inch bassist and produce something that sounds nothing like anything else out there at the moment.

It’s probably the harmonium-as-focal-point. Or the distinct lack of guitar. Either way, it’s knock-you-on-your-ass good. Oh, and Kathie Lee Gifford’s name gets taken in vain about halfway through.

Liars – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack.mp3
Via Los Angeles by way of Nebraska(?) and finally coalescing in New York, it’s experimental punk/rock/noise/art band, Liars. This particular track travels down the quieter side of their catalog, with predictably fantastic results (he said, carelessly tooting his own horn with one hand while scratching his own back with the other).

Sung low and slow, over a pace that could be generously described as “langorous,” The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack adds yearning to hopelessness and comes up with something transcendent.


[All music posted on Fancy Plans… is kick ass and too awesome to be contained. All music is also posted temporarily and, due to its high level of ass-kicking, should not be distributed without a prescription and care should be taken while operating heavy equipment or dancing around the living room (clothing optional, but do remember that the blinds are open/kids are still awake).
Should you wish to have your brilliant artistic statement forced back into confinement, please email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com. Feel free to leave a comment, as that will probably be noticed sooner.
By all means, if you like what you hear (and you will), please support the totally rocking artist(s) by purchasing some music or heading out to see them live.]


  1. I actually went looking to buy a CD today; the first time in several years. I gotta tell ya, it was quite pathetic. I don’t know how that store is the “best”. It looked like the closet of a high school kid from ’92. I know I tell you all the time, but thank you for providing an invaluable service. A life raft in a sea of shit.

    • I agree, RR. There’s nothing “best” about that store. And there’s at least two thing wrong with the name “Geek Squad.” It’s terrible stuff, this CD market. And the major labels thought it would print money forever.

      “A life raft in a sea of shit.” That’s beautiful. That’s going right in the banner.

    • The banner? Awesome!

  2. Wait, if I cheated on my wife with her ex that would make me gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you…but I’m not. I guess I’ll have to start marrying lesbians, so when I cheat with their ex it’s still hetero-kosher…or something.

    I love the last two tracks…totally unique! BTW, I’ve beat the devil at so many things I’ve lost count now. Fiddling, basketball, bike riding, tennis, golf, sex with strangers and poker, just to name a few. Really, the devil kind of sucks at everything.

    • Yes, that would make you gay. But gays buy more greeting cards. It’s a proven fact. Hallmark would prefer everyone started batting from both sides of the plate or at least have several divorces to pump up sales of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards.

      Glad you dug those tracks. And congrats at beating the devil at his own games. Challenge him to Jenga, though. He’s surprisingly good.

  3. A kickassic collection CLT, thanks. And you have to admit that Fischerspooner sure knows how to rock a lampshade.

    • Aha! “Kickassic!” Another word for the New New Oxford English Dictionary. Nothing like the power of wordsmithery to take a dull language like English and turn it into a powerhouse like Esperanto. Or Spanglish.

      Thanks for the visit, FJ.

    • FJ stole my word! (The one I technically stole from his wife, but really, that’s neither here nor there.)

      Mas de todo, por favor! Especialmente el Liars! (Or should I say “El Tontos”)

    • Bschooled, stealing is stealing unless you get caught. And you kind of outed yourself in this 3-way of wordplay. I was planning on stealing it as well, and was certainly NOT going to properly attribute it.

      Well, it’s been attributed. Congrats, FJ’s wife: “kickassic” is the new “cuntacular.”

      Don’t worry: “mas” is definitely on the way.

  4. Your liberal use of the word ennui sums up nicely Don Mill’s latest post: “God Damned Unambitious Young People Make Me Furious” (that’s it in a nutshell).

    Since you used ‘wormhole’ in your posting, no need to click over to a new window to read astro-shit while listening to the tracks (jk, I read and reread everything you write…the ‘rereading’ is like next day leftovers from a great restaurant: even better the second time around).

    Jesus, why aren’t you writing for Rolling Stone? Do they not know you exist? Do they?

    • I like the word “ennui.” It’s great filler for when you can’t put your finger on what it is that these musicians are going on about languidly.

      Thanks very much for the compliments, e3h. Rolling Stone knows I exist, but they have blocked my number and changed the locks at least twice. They also frown on my continual touting of the non-mainstream and they have yet to recognize “wormhole” as an applicable musical term.

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