Heavy Rotation Vol. 35

March 6, 2010

**Links for selections 2-4 are now fixed.**

Another go-round in our nearly-weekly feature, Heavy Rotation. This 35th edition brings with it the promise of a better life on the offworld colonies and black market ocular implants. Just be aware of those around you, especially those with superhuman strength and hypersensitivity to questions about their mothers.

Looking for more great tunes and terrible introductory paragraphs? Search no further than:
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Sidney Frost – I Miss Mpls.mp3
Normally I wouldn’t recommend minimal techno to the unwashed masses (or the freshly scrubbed, either), as the masses generally tend to point out that “nothing’s happening” or “is that it?” or “still nothing, not even when I do this.” 

This, however, is different. There is indeed a time and a place for minimal techno (specifically: any time in this past decade; Germany), if done well. While this may be short of the hard-banging cheap thrills I normally foist upon you, it does have a lot going on, mainly in between the notes. Listen, if you will, to the distorted and delayed vocal sample. Take an ear gander at the build and release, tastefully appointed and nowhere near garish. 

Perhaps some of this will be lost on your average computer speakers, as music of this genre really demands a nice set of cans and occasionally, mind-altering substances. Barring that, just give it a good listening and see what you think. 

If you like, great! I know where to get more of it and what’s more I know the producer. Personally. Go ahead and step past this velvet rope and ‘roid-raging bouncer. Behold: Sidney Frost, aka my talented DJ/Producer brother. 

Younger than me by far and with the skills that would pay the bills were they able to nail down a solid day job, Sidney Frost has entertained thousands with his minimal techno stylings and tasteful hairdos. He’s become everything I thought I would be back when I consumed my weight in alcohol nightly as the DJ at the local dance club in Midwest Town, USA. 

However, rather than play music he doesn’t like to entertain drunks, Sidney Frost plays music he actually likes to entertain druggies. Which would you prefer to do? Sidney currently splits time between the Twin Cities and Moab, Utah, perversely summering in the South and wintering in the North, like some deranged migratory animal who prefers to have the worst of both worlds. 

This song was his ode to the city he left behind to climb rocks and other such nature stuff in Utah. When summer ended and Sidney returned to his beloved MPLS, he released I Miss Moab on a very-limited 12″ Facebook post. Oh, well. DJs. What can you do with them? 

(Hint: go listen to them and buy their stuff!) 

Also: Sidney Frost on Facebook

Disco of Doom – In Effect.mp3
While I still have you out on the dancefloor… 

Here’s Disco of Doom, the teaming of producers Tom Real and the Rogue Element, with a dark banging track full of electronic goodness, the likes of which you see rarely these days, as everyone is too busy copying everyone else or filtering perfectly usable (and danceable) tracks through some sort of dismantling process and daring you not to respect the mess they’ve made. Four on the floor all the way, save for the killer drop and build. It wants nothing more than to get your ass up and moving. 

Dinowalrus – Nuke Dukem (Mae Shi Remix).mp3

The incredibly titled Dinowalrus, a drum-and-drone duo from Brooklyn, get the re-rinse from experimental punkers and noted Los Angeleans Mae Shi, who turn DW’s athletic space rock into something that sounds like the better downtempo moments of Hybrid or Underworld. Except with more vocals. Blissful beat-based psychedelia that makes a serious play for the role of “driving music.” East meets West and everybody wins! 

Pigface – Chikasaw.mp3

I’ve featured this before, but no video exists for this fine track, which is a nice change of pace from industrial supergroup Pigface’s normal brand of grinding heroin rock. Featuring the female vocal talents of Lesley Rankine (of Ruby, a collaboration with Skinny Puppy member Mark Walk) and features a slow-building, nearly dub-like pace. It’s all about fending off complacency and changing the world around you, which would be doubly inspiring if it weren’t performed by a squad of drug-addicted reprobates. 

Still, it’s a hellaciously good song and a fine addition to anyone’s collection. 

Ennio Morricone – L’Estasi Del Oro (from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) [Bandini Remix].mp3
Sounds a whole lot like Morricone collaborating with Massive Attack or Juno Reactor. Bandini’s low-key remix toughens up the sound with some tasteful drums and occasional delays and drops. Makes you feel like throwing a poncho over your shoulders and swaggering down the middle of the street, which will preferably be unpaved and searing hot. Squint a bit. There you go.


[All music posted on Fancy Plans… is kick ass and too awesome to be contained. All music is also posted temporarily and, due to its high level of ass-kicking, should not be distributed without a prescription and care should be taken while operating heavy equipment or dancing around the living room (clothing optional, but do remember that the blinds are open/kids are still awake).
Should you wish to have your brilliant artistic statement forced back into confinement, please email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com. Feel free to leave a comment, as that will probably be noticed sooner.
By all means, if you like what you hear (and you will), please support the totally rocking artist(s) by purchasing some music or heading out to see them live.]


  1. Surprise! I didn’t click over to another window to read something on astrophysics while listening to your tunes (this may have been due to not having enough time: see “Songs 2-4 below). Must multi-task to get things done!

    just give it a good listening and see what you think.

    Song 1: a (very cool) metronome and the occasional sound of a pack of cards farting (if cards could fart

    Songs 2-4 “file not found”

    And the WINNER is: Bandini Remix (sorry Sid, but I got visuals with this). I (insert font size 36) LOVED this!!! Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed the burlap poncho’d, beer swilling, squinty-eyed swagger down a ghost town alleyway (I’m now going to go look to recapture this experience in Second Life)…you took me to a very, very special place, CTL.

    BTW, I can’t read “tastefully appointed” and not think of Neiman Marcus.

    • Links are fixed. Sorry about that.

    • Minimal techno is a hard sell, but those who love it really love it.

      Hopefully you’ll have another listen now that the links are all fixed. The Bandini remix is a keeper. You can’t go wrong drunkenly stumbling thru the nearest ghost town. At least not if you’ve got the right soundtrack.

  2. Thanks DJ Tamer. I like Dinowalrus and the Morricone cut the best. Keep em coming.

    • Thanks, FJ.

      They both seem to carry the same amount of kickdrum shuffle to great effect. Thanks for the visit.

  3. You had my seven-year-old daughter dancing like crazy to Disco of Doom, after a nice warmup from Frost (from my home town)! Morricone was a very pleasant flashback to those movies I’d seen like . . . well, my whole life. Fantastic, CLT! Loved it all!

    • Hooray for Mpls, birthplace of a million djs and bloggers, all mostly gainfully underemployed and full of misplaced self-confidence.

      Glad you dug it, Dan. And your daughter, too. She has impeccable taste.

  4. I have to invest in some headphones. It’s too late for me to run sound now. Little ‘uns are sleeping. I will return.

  5. Back in the day did you own a jam/boom box?

    • I did. It made a mockery of its portability by standing nearly 51 inches and weighing in at nearly 81 pounds. Still, it looked pretty cool perched precariously on my shoulder like some sort of morbidly obese and obscenely noisy parrot.

  6. I love the Frost. I went to school with Robert Frost’s granddaughter…the girl couldn’t write an essay to save her life….but that’s neither here nor there.

    Maybe it’s living out here in the land of the X, or maybe it’s just the X. I don’t know why…but the Techno is really starting to grow on me. BTW, Jesus has the best. Shit. EVER right now!

    • Well, that’s probably neither here or there, but let’s discuss it anyway. They say the apple never falls far from the tree, but they always use it disparagingly. I’m sure her surname got her into classes she had no business attending. Just like the nefarious offspring of Updike. Or Brown.

      Good old X. Makes life worth living and water worth dying for. See your club promoter for $8 bottles and usurious cover charges.

    • Only on X have I witnessed a person laugh and barf simultaneously (in public). Cannot say the same for booze heaves.

  7. For some reason I could only listen to the first two before it started cutting in and out on me over here. Disco of Doom is fantastic, but I have to say that I really dig Sidney Frost. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of minimal techno before (well, actually I can, but that’s not the point). Every Summer my friends and I used to go Houseboating in BC, and we’d crank up the house music and go for broke. I can’t help but wish Mr. Frost had come along for the ride. (Then again, he was probably only in High School).

    Thanks for sharing that, CLT. I love it when I find new kinds of music to “dig”.

    • Yeah, that first files a motherfucker, size-wise. Weighs in at about 35 mb. God bless uncompressed files, except when dealing with spotty foreign internet connections, in which case you may curse the local god of your choosing.

      Mr. Frost would have been more than happy to make that trip, as attending classes was always something that could be put off until the summer.

  8. KOTJ,MF!

    • Whre the hell have you been? And the hell does that mean? (I got the MF part but the KOTJ escapes me… King of the Jams? It’s a stretch, much like those pants on LOTD [Lord of the Dance].)

    • Oh, never mind. MC5. I was closest without going over with my first guess.

      Great to see you again, O/O.

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