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Heavy Rotation Vol. 32

February 7, 2010

Welcome back to Fancy Plans record-setting series, in terms of longevity and Youtube clickthru views. It’s been a few weeks since the last volume, but I’ve got something special for the return: actual file hosting. This means no more leaving the site for downloads or watching some hastily slapped together Youtube video. Just right-click on the song title to download or push “Play” on the player to give it a whirl. Enjoy.

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We Are Wolves – La Nature.mp3
Coming on like a 3-piece Death From Above 1979, Montreal’s We Are Wolves consist of a lead bassist (and occasional guitarist), a drummer, a drum machine and a keyboardist whose sole duty is to coax the unholiest of buzzing noises out of his twin Rolands. Tending toward blistering 2-1/2 chord rock in most of their songs, La Nature follows a slightly different path, relying more on building space with lode-bearing reverb and echoing vocals/vocalizations. The final product bears more than a passing resemblance to Suicide’s finer moments.

Sonic Boom – RNR Is Killing My Life.mp3
Speaking of Suicide, here’s a kickass cover of one of their tracks, courtesy of Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember, a founding member of drone-rock antagonists, Spacemen 3. Sonic says rock and roll is killing his life and he sounds like he means it, maaaan. Surprisingly hummable and perfect for those do-nothing days where you just want to lay around the house pumping yourself full of heroin.

Spacemen 3 – Transparent Radiation.mp3
Speaking of the Spacemen 3, here they are with a fine rendition of a Red Krayola track. Cutting way back on the drone serves them well, allowing the song’s spacious melancholy to shine darkly. Of course, the glacial pace and the use of the saddest chords since Spinal Tap’s last “artistic” effort aid the cause. Oh, and lots of echo and reverb, as was their way.

Belong – Late Night.mp3
Speaking of covering avant-garde psychedelic forefathers, here’s another glacially-paced thing of crippling beauty, all submerged vocals and layers of electronic gauze. This cover of an old Syd Barrett track (I say “old” because he hasn’t really release much recently, what with being dead and all) is a masterpiece of breathtaking ambience. (I say “breathtaking” because drowning tends to do exactly that.)

DatA – Blood Theme.mp3
Speaking of nothing in particular, here’s uber-producer DatA/Danger with an alternately brutal and beautiful reimagination of Giorgio Moroder’s Tony’s Theme from the Scarface soundtrack. Opening with unadorned piano, the track soon gives way to buzzing bass growls and a swaggering low-end thump, building and building until the 2:30 mark, where the cacophony suddenly gives way to the haunting sighs of processed female vocals. Hold on. DatA dives right back in for a little more thrashing before setting the listener adrift on the piano coda.

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