Heavy Rotation Vol. 31 – World Tour Edition

January 10, 2010

Hello, aloha, konichiwa and all that bullshit. We’re coming to you today from all over the damn place. Germany, Japan, Australia, France, Italy and the UK. Not a single American (or Canadian) in sight today, but we all know the best music comes from beyond, especially when you indulge a conceit or my Anglophile tendencies.

Prepare to enjoy the hell out of your Sunday. It’s Around the World in 5 Tracks with your host, CLT.

Previous volumes available here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives

Munk – No Milk (Mercury Mix)
The mysterious and German producer Munk takes Italian actress Asia Argento and heads to a low-slung dancefloor, muttering somewhat profanely about flowers (good), lemonade (not good) and milk (even worse). It would seem that something sexual/scatological is going on here, but without the key “fudge” element, one can’t be too sure.

Bonus: No Milk seems to be built on the chassis of techno one-hit wonder Nightmare by Brainbug.

The Lowbrows – Danse Macabre
Featured several weeks back with their bruising single Linda Is Tonight, the Japanese breaks & roll duo is back, taking a wheezing, doom-laden organ and some errant horns for a run through the Chemical Brothers back catalog (in particular Chemical Beats).

Of course it shouldn’t work! Why would it? But it does, splendidly, despite nearly derailing itself a few times.

Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (Yuksek Mix)
Proud Frenchman and producer Yuksek grabs the Prodigy’s robo-thuggery and beats it into something you almost wouldn’t be ashamed to take home and meet your mum.

That’s the power of a great remix for you: turning a known quantity into something unexpected, rather than just another 4/4-beaten dead horse.

Eskimo Joe – London Bombs (Sneaky Sound System Mix)
Flowing and melodic, like a danceable Coldplay, Australian band Eskimo Joe gets rubbed all the right ways by fellow Aussie producers Sneaky Sound System. Lightweight to a fault perhaps, but see if you don’t catch this tune running unattended (and with scissors!) through your head a few weeks from now.

Faux Pas – Silver Line
Something must be going on Down Under. (If it’s Sunday, it means it’s time for a lazy sexual joke. And that is one lazy joke.) Another Australian producer, Faux Pas whips up something sounding like Ulrich Schnauss backing Bjork. This truly is dreampop of the highest order.

As the blissed-out synths crash against the anchoring throb/thump of the bass, the unnamed vocalist delivers a series of nearly unintelligible syllables. As the track gathers steam, the vocals coalesce briefly before shattering brightly across the cascading layers of synth-wash below.

Bonus: his previous album has one of The Greatest Album Titles Ever: Entropy Begins at Home.

All tracks safely packaged in Benetton zip file:
Heavy Rotation 31
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By all means, if you like what you hear (and you will), please support the totally rocking artist(s) by purchasing some music or heading out to see them live.]



  1. Are you a good dancer? I imagine you dance while doing every remedial task in your life, as if ‘Heavy Rotation’ is the soundtrack of your life. I even thought for a millisecond that ‘No Milk’ was home video. As always, thanks for the awesome sound party.

    • I can be an excellent dancer in anyone’s imagination, except for mine. They especially love the Heavy Rotation during my regular Remedial Shut-the-Fuck-Up-in-the-Library-Please class.

      Thanks for the visit, RR.

  2. That Munk video was great. I’d also like to take Asia Argento…anywhere. But what’s the guy’s problem with milk? I fucking love milk, god damn it. I can’t understand people who don’t like milk. How in the hell do they eat their PB&J’s?

    You’re right the Lowbrows work, it was pretty cool. I love the name of the group as well as the play on the Stephen King book with the name of the song.

    I really enjoyed the rest as well but I gotta say; I’m confused about Faux Pas??? I think that may be Jesus. The same Jesus that I met (and rolled with) in Ibiza several times. But surely Jesus couldn’t and wouldn’t commit a faux pas, leaving me questioning my either my faith or my eyesight. Maybe you can tell me what’s the what what???

    • The whole issue of milk hatred is never really addressed. It just is. Don’t mix milk and lemonade. Send flowers. Beyond that, it’s all open to interpretation.

      Nice work connecting the Lowbrows with the Eyebrows. Not many people could do that in the space of two sentences.

      As for Faux Pas… see below. We have an actual Celebrity Rotarian in our midst for the first time on this blog.

      You can never go wrong questioning your faith. People always head out to get their eyes examined, but who here has recently gotten their faith checked out?

      Click… Bhuddism. How’s that?
      Click… Pantheism. This works for a lot of people with your faith. Back one?
      Click… Bhuddism. Are you a Richard Gere fan? Because that will help.
      Click… Click… Satanism. This is a bit of stretch for you, but you may want to get some of this for Halloween.

  3. The Lowbrows are my crack. Ever since you posted the Linda is Tonight track way back when, I’ve been hooked.

    The Prodigy/Yuksek track also kicks some remix ass.

    Cool beans as usual, CLT.

    ps. Like Scott, I too would be interested in finding out just what the hell the what what is.

    • The Lowbrows are some mighty fine crack. They make crunchy electro like nobody’s business. Not mine. Not yours. Not even Linda’s.

      I tried to clarify the “what what” but it wasn’t having it. So I’ve decided to obfuscate and muddle. It all sounds the same.

      Thanks for stopping by, bschooled.

  4. hey there, jesus here, just dropped by to say that the vocalist on “silver line” is not unnamed – it is marita may dyson from the band the orbweavers. all the samples are taken from the track “diving bell” which can be heard at their myspace:


    cheers big ears

    • Welcome, Jesus “Faux Pas” Christ.

      This would be a first for Fancy Plans. The actual artist whose work I’m shamelessly promoting stopping by to issue a much-needed correction.

      Thanks for clearing that up, FP. It’s a gorgeous track and it makes my brain do wonderfully fuzzy things.

      Click on “tim” there, folks and go check out more of his stuff.

      Thanks for the visit, Tim/Jesus/Faux Pas. If you’ve got anything or anyone you’d like to recommend, just fill up these comment boxes.

  5. […] Faux Pas himself is an all-around good guy who actually stopped by here and corrected just one of my many factual errors. And he called me “Big Ears,” which I have chosen to believe is a […]

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