Heavy Rotation 29: Both Hands on My Organ

December 27, 2009

Nothing says the holidays are upon us like a lazy penis joke. And nothing says mid-holiday wear-and-tear like a four-sentence intro. Once again, it’s a themed Heavy Rotation. Enjoy in good health.

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Electrelane – I Love You My Farfisa
All girls (well, not all girls during various permutations). All the time (not true, either, as they are on indefinitely hiatus since late 2007). To sum up: mostly girls until 2007, which gives them about a decade of rocking the intersection of Stereolab and the VU, which means fuck-all considering everyone channels Stereolab and VU.

But here’s what’s the what: the almighty power of the Farfisa organ, being pimped by four ladies straight outta Brighton. It rolls and surges and screams, building a self-fulfilling head of steam (and a bit of self-promotion too, judging by the song title). The pace picks up and the girls holler at you to “turn your transistor on.”

This track must have ripped faces off in concert, considering Electrelane’s live reputation.

Clinic – Harvest (Within You)
Clinic. Shall I compare thee to… who? They don’t really sound like anyone else out there. They’ve got a little of that late 60’s garage/psychedelia going on, like the soundtrack to a “freakout” scene in a cheapie Corman flick. You know, the kind of track that fits but doesn’t sound expensive.

And yet, they’re incredibly good. Ade Blackburn’s for mumbling syllables doesn’t help the comparisons. He could be like a less-nasal Dylan as he gets about as elliptical but there’s no sense of underlying conscience or poetry. He just seems to be trying to convey emotions and scenery with tones alone. His band backs him up, clothed in scrubs and surgical masks, laying down some imaginative percussion and, of course, some killer organ highlights to turn Clinic into the indefinably great.


Breakbot – Happy Rabbit
Another day, another laptop producer. Following the “all hands on deck” approach to genres, Paris native Breakbot splices castoff pieces from breaks, surf, electro and sunshiney-pop into a warm and inviting little chunk of ear candy. The organ colors the bubbling electronics and slides across the rubbery funk basslines.

Charlatans UK – The Only One I Know
Of all the tracks in this Rotation, The Only One I Know is probably the one everybody knows. The Norm of early-90s alternative rock, The Only One I Know features the Charlatans “me too” entry into the “baggy” sweepstakes.

And what an entry. All airy, echoey vocals, propulsive bass, shuffling backbeat and the heavy organ dosage. The Charlatans drop their Hammond all over the place, adding a layer of 60’s swagger to the sexed-up rhythm section.

Mind the drop. It’s a killer. Down to just the bass. Then the drums. And finally…. the Hammond roars back to life dragging the track all over the dancefloor with the guitars in hot pursuit.

Yo La Tengo – Sudden Organ
The name says it all. All organ. All the time. Yo La Tengo fashions a shoegazer masterpiece out of little more than a Hammond organ and some spare drum work. If this doesn’t sell you on the power of a well-used organ, nothing will. And that includes porn.

All files filled to the brim with holiday spirit and inappropriate innuendo:
Heavy Rotation 29
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  1. “So two lazy penises walk into a bar…”

    As always, great stuff, CLT. I’m especially digging the Clinic track.

    • Hahaha! I know that joke. It ends by trailing off… lazily. What a punchline.

      Wonderful to see you, bschooled. And way ahead of the comment curve as usual. Clinic does great stuff and they do it like no one else. If only I had a “go to” analogy… like something or someone on some sort of drug…

  2. Fun organ stuff CLT, thanks for the heads up.

    Lazy penis is the new safeword.

    • You can never have enough safety words, especially when they can be easily misunderstood.

      Thanks for the visit, FJ.

  3. I came down with a head cold, can I still enjoy? Awesome picks, I was rockin’ out with my organ out.

    • I think most of this music is “head cold-friendly.” However, it may be all that organ exposure in this winter climate that has given you this head cold and given me yet another lazy penis joke.

  4. Wish I could send you my iPod to load. I’m still utterly clueless, but you have done more to awaken my musical sensibilities than anyone I know. I sheepishly concede that there is so much more than radio (God, I feel like a moron).

    • It’s always a beautiful day when someone realizes there’s so much more out there than the radio can contain. Welcome to the club, elizabeth.

  5. […] and my finger hovered over the kill switch… Then the crafty bastards brought in an organ. And you know how I feel about organ tones. Plus, the chiming, reverbed guitars were wearing down my […]

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