The Audacity of the Same Old Shit

October 8, 2009
Observers noted that this was one of the few times that Obama leaned to the right.

Observers noted that this was one of the few times that Obama leaned to the right.

As many of you may have noticed, I am way less than thrilled with the current President. It’s not so much the man in the office. He’s just another career politician. It’s what he could have been and how quickly he sold out. Here’s a rather lengthy rundown on why I’m sick of Obama.

Let’s start out at the beginning. Obama is chosen as the candidate for the Democratic party after an extended bitchfest with Hillary Clinton. Clinton makes some odd moves like making up stories about being shot at while out with her husband (the current President) in a hostile nation. What bearing this has on the race is moot, as she is not in the running anymore.

As this event occurs, an amazing groundswell movement takes up the torch for Obama, consisting mainly of uninformed citizens whose voting records would be considered spotty at best and “I last voted when MTV was rocking the vote” at worst.

Everybody wants to get on the bandwagon. Time Magazine spends the entire race publishing one public display of affection after another. Everyone on the internet talks about how “energized” and “hopeful” they are. Even the largely apolitical music blogs I visit start posting adoring articles and spicing up their usual clubland pics with the occasional Obama poster.

So at this point, I’m on guard already. If nothing else, life has taught me that large groups of people who agree on something are generally wrong. (Case in point, Nickelback has sold 30 million albums.)

But let’s look at his opposition. Obama already has most of the country eating out of his hand and McCain is busy running his campaign with all the grace of a 300-lb. club-footed ballerina.

McCain’s campaign was rife with stupid moves like running off on the high road mid-race to get a handle on the shitty economy (“We have no time to campaign! We need to serve the people!“) only to reappear roughly minutes later on the campaign trail (“Fuck the people! I’ve got a race to win! Vote for me in November, people!“).

At the Republican National Convention, McCain decides to outplay the race card by grabbing himself the nearest woman to serve as VP. (“I see your black guy and raise you one woman.”)

By this time the election should have been called on account of candidate ineptitude. McCain clearly wasn’t going to win. And he certainly didn’t deserve to. Throwing him into office would have been like tossing your car keys to Vince Neil.

Obama coasted to victory and claimed the throne. Originally it was just the presidency but the entire world seemed to approve of it so his title was upgraded.

[Full disclosure: I did not vote for Obama. I did not vote for McCain. I sat this one out because write-in candidates (Batman) generally receive less than 4% of the popular vote (Alan Keyes).]

So now we only had a few short months until a young, vigorous black smoker took the helm. I thought, “Well, this is different. Let’s see how this plays out. Maybe he will shake things up with his vitality, charm and second-hand smoke.” If nothing else, it wouldn’t be four more years of being fucked while wrapped in the American flag.

And then he lost me.

Even though he wasn’t officially in office, he made it a point to nudge Bush in the ribs (hard) to get that Big Three bailout money rolling. This happened on November 10th, less than a week after his election.

“Hook a brother up,” he said, referring not to himself, but rather his fine union brothers whose corruption and greed had brought their employers to the brink of bankruptcy. And as RF Interference pointed out, bankruptcy means ditching the union, so that obviously wasn’t acceptable. (“It isn’t.” – Michael Moore)

That was the beginning of the end.

Obama took office in January and began dealing with the nation’s problems and his predecessor’s cock-ups. Except that he really didn’t do a damn thing.

  • Clean up/close the torture-fest at Guantanamo? No action.
  • Pull our boys out of Iraq? Nothing firm.
  • How about Afghanistan? Nope. In fact, he’s adding troops.
  • Transparency on upcoming bills? You wish.

He bails out the auto unions. He arranges a marriage of convenience for Chrysler. Lobbyists 1, “audacious change” 0.

He starts throwing money at large financial institutions and sets up an over-reaching government control program for banks who take the handout. We’ve got a doubleheader here. Lobbyists 2, Black Jesus 0. In game 2, Socialist Financial Structure (a billion), taxpayers paying for said socialism (250 million).

Obama shoots off his mouth about school vouchers (gasp!) and accountability for public school teachers (the horror!). The NEA starts barking like a cornered pit bull. Obama makes like Vick and runs. Lobbyists and special interest groups still pitching a shutout against “hope and change.”

Amongst this combination of inaction and “business as usual,” Obama and his team continue to crank out a stimulus program designed to jumpstart the economy. They hash out the best ways to spend a trillion dollars, throw out those ideas and proceed instead with the leftover bloat and tasty American legislative pork.

The bill passes after a few token efforts to trim $20 million here and there.

Then… nothing happens.

The economy shrugs off the carelessly spent money. A few make-work projects get underway. As the slump continues, Obama takes care to point out that most of the spending won’t go into effect until 2010-2011.

So much for that jumpstart. It’s like your mechanic telling you that your battery is dead but if you’ll pay him by the hour for the next 24 months, your car should be up and running again.

One aspect that does take effect immediately is a temporary tax cut. Rather than hand out the always-popular one-time rebate checks (which would have at least guaranteed a temporary bump in consumer spending), Obama lowers withholding taxes.

Well, that’s wonderful if you’re paying attention. Unfortunately, it was done with so half-assed and with so little flair that millions of Americans will find themselves with a flatlined refund next year, or even better, having to pay in. That backlash is coming.

The other major factor in the stimulus plan’s failure is the reliance on lagging indicators like unemployment filings.

Unemployment filings lag behind the actual point of job loss to begin with. But this gets compounded by every new count referring to the previous month. By the point you can start quantifying the totals, you’re running at least 60-90 days behind.

Now the economy is showing signs of recovery, despite the lack of stimulus action. Most spending is still 2 years out and the government’s ability to legislate a country out of a recession has never been proven.

Now as the economy starts to pick up momentum without the government’s help, Obama is probably angling for a way to take credit for this.

Don’t let him. He hasn’t done a goddamn thing.

He’s done far more to hurt it than to help it. I don’t know who would consider adding several thousand more government employees, or trillions to the national debt positive moves, but whoever it is (Paul Krugman, probably) should be tossed into the Thunderdome with several thousand angry taxpayers.

Here’s what he had done:

Given short-sighted car companies and their parasitic unions a new lease on life, allowing them to lurch into the future with their minds still in the past.

Crippled the future of America by keeping No Child Left Behind in place, the NEA happy and the fucked education system free of standards or accountability. He has further sold out the youth of America by discarding any voucher plans that would allow parents to bypass the broken public school system. This says nothing of the humongous tax bill that they’ll be expected to pay for with their entry-level jobs post-graduation.

Cap and Trade, the savior of Al Gore’s planet, is already broken. Obama freely admits that enacting this will raise everyone’s cost of living. It’s also been proven that the Cap and Trade game is rigged as ranchers (whose cattle produce methane) have already been exempted. So like most government programs, Cap and Trade is a whore, and the johns are lining up to negotiate. So now everyone gets fucked. The taxpayers. The planet.

Cash for Clunkers = super FAIL. The government is screwing car dealers by sitting on repayments. People are trading in American cars for foreign vehicles. The only American vehicle in the top 5 new purchases (as a result of a qualifying trade-in) is the Ford Focus. Nothing from GM, who had a heavy hand in getting this program enacted.

I’m not even going to touch the health plan. That way lies madness.

So why Obama? Surely there are hundreds of politicians that are just like him, or worse.

Yes. But the rest of these jackasses didn’t get to where they are riding a tidal wave of fawning and adoration. A tidal wave that Obama did nothing to calm or dissuade.

If Obama is God’s gift to the American political system, then God must be a hooker with a heart of red tape.



  1. Proof that Obama is indeed the anti-Christ. Thank you for that post.

    • Thanks for the visit, Ben. The more this sort of thing continues, the more I consider myself a political atheist. Until someone out there proves themselves worthy of belief, I will remain faithless.

      As my fellow blogger Tannerleah has often said (re: Democrat vs Republican): “If you can’t tell that you’re getting fucked by both sides, you’re just not paying attention.”

  2. While I still hold out some hope for this president, I agree with almost every point that you made. I fully admit that I’m not informed enough anymore to make an intelligent argument for his presidential acumen. I will say this though; from the perspective of another continent, Barry is a very welcome change. Having an intelligent, articulate, reasonable person representing our country to the world has been a major improvement. When I’ve talked to people in Spain, London, and even Morocco, they’ve actually show respect for America again. All of this is probably more about an anti-Bush, than about a pro-Obama though.

    I think that the biggest mistake that he has made has been allowing the unreasonable to dictate the rules of the argument. This is true of the House and Senate as well. In short I still have hope that he will do some good. But the first thing he needs to do is Grow a Set!

    I appreciated that post. It was very well thought out, researched, laid out, and articulate. Maybe you should think about getting into law. You would excel my brother!

    • There’s no doubt that the intelligence and speaking skills of the Presidential office have gone up exponentially with the election of Obama, but it’s really starting to feel like a wasted opportunity.

      You are correct on that. And that he needs to man up. Right now he’s only shown that he’s willing to bend over forwards and backwards for special interest groups. With a Democratic majority in the legislative branch, he should be pushing thru new bills with no slowdown. However, he can’t even seem to get his party in line.

      Thanks for the compliments, Scott. Once my soul is completely sold (right now contract talks have stalled, based on an argument over an outstanding lien) I’ll head into the fine world of lawyering.

  3. I really was supporting Hillary in her bid. She was up against a movement that was energized online. Who knows what role ACORN had in all of this? Obama has showed many politicians how to run a 21st campaign. Is he bad for America? Yes, he has good speeches and goo intentions but no balls, no gut, no thrust to move into action.

    I think with the rate how things are going, he will fail. Look at unemployment, economy etc

    • Obama may have connected with the online world the way no candidate had before him, but it couldn’t have hurt that he had all this going for him:

      1. Not being another Bush.
      2. An opponent who seemed desperate to prove that the Democrats didn’t have a monopoly on bland campaigns punctuated occasionally by intensely moronic statements and actions.
      3. Actually being a good looking, loquacious person.

      But if you’d never heard of him or seen a photo, you could swear (based on his legislation efforts) that he was some 70-year old white Democrat who’d been in the politics business for way too long.

      For being a vibrant, multi-cultural force of “hope” and “change,” he sure seems to be very wrapped up in maintaining the Old Guard through appeasing unions and maintaining a healthy nanny/welfare stare.

      Not to mention he has shown only the slightest effort towards undoing the civil liberty damage done by his predecessor.

      Thanks for the comment, Corve. Always great to see a new face.

  4. They might as well have given the Nobel to the Sicilian. At least he knew better than to get involved with a land war in Asia.

  5. Politics make me limp, that is until I read, “Throwing him into office would have been like tossing your car keys to Vince Neil.” Then I thought maybe I’ve been premature… (I leave that open for some witty slams).

    • Yes. With both “limp” and “premature” being used in the sentence, it would be rather easy to slam you. But I’ll let you slide because you were born in a single contraction.

      By the way, great to see you, RR.

  6. The Nobel prize sham award is indicative of just how much the world despised Bush (and you thought it was just fiscal conservatives who couldn’t stand him!). Even months after G.W. has rode into the sunset of the nation whose economy he never could grasp, the Europeans hand President Obama a thank you message for not being Bush.

    • Yeah, even the Nobel Award selection committee is having a hard time justifying their decision. Check out these inspirational words defending their choice (Thorbjorn Jagland, head of the Norwegian panel that selected Obama):

      “All these things have contributed to — I wouldn’t say a safer world — but a world with less tension.”

      Wow. Less tension. Awesome work, elpres. Keep up the minimal amount of change.

      Great to see you, zeus. Thanks for stopping in.

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