Heavy Rotation Vol. 16 – One More Edition

September 27, 2009

Got to love a weekend. A chance to kick back and relax. Enjoy what’s left of the decent weather. Brings to mind a favorite quote of mine from noted philosopher and nature lover, Rick Ross:

It’s time to spend my thrills cuz I’m spinnin’ wheels
I ain’t drove in a week them bitches spinnin’ still
Talk about me because these suckers scared to talk about me
Killers talkin’ bout me, there ain’t no talkin’ about me
It ain’t no walkin’ ’round me, see all these killers ’round me
Lot of drug dealin’ ’round me goin’ down in Dade County
Don’t tote no twenty-twos, Magnum cost me twenty-two
Sat it on them twenty-twos, birds go for twenty-two
Lil’ mama super thick, she say she twenty-two
She seen them twenty-twos, we in room two twenty-two

Hell yeah. Ross knows. Ross recommends the back catalog available here:
The Heavy Rotation Archives


Fluke – Bullet
A couple of weeks back, I was giving some respect up for Syntax, which is comprised of a couple of former members of Fluke. They said Fluke just wasn’t dark enough. I begged to differ. Here’s the case in point: Bullet. It’s a slow builder but once it gets up and running, it’s an actual banger, as they say across the pond.



Death Set – Negative Thinking
Nothing like a good-natured kick in the teeth courtesy of Baltimore’s finest electro-punksters. The f-bombs make it fun for all ages and the polaroid conceit of the video allows it to confuse some ages. The power of fuckin’ positive thinking.



South Central – Higher State
Nothing like a ill-tempered kick in the teeth courtesy of Brighton’s finest electro-rockers. A blistering cover of that old rave fave, Higher State of Consciousness by be-dreaded house producer, Josh Wink. Featuring the old-timey acid sounds of the Roland 303 and tons of distortion and strobe lights. Everything you would want in a batch of brown acid.



Glasvegas – Geraldine
Scottish shoegazers with a crippingly beautiful ode to social workers. I know you don’t believe me so I’ve attached a video with lyrics. So there. Anyway, this comes recommended by a certain whipsmart pup (and his crotchety owner) I know, as well as by the genius over at The Lost Turntable (who referred to them as “Jesus wrapped in awesome”).



The Knife – We Share Our Mother’s Health/Silent Shout (William’s Acidic Circuits Mix)
I’ve got a two-fer going on here. I spent several minutes bouncing back and forth between the two tracks and their accompanying videos. After several minutes of indecision, I decided that fuck it, bandwidth’s cheap.

Not to overuse a word, but some more electro here, but in an altogether more disturbing fashion. Featuring some pitched-down vocals, some pitched-up tempos and some seriously strange videos. You won’t be able to tear your eyes or ears away. Some brilliantly fucked-up Swedish weirdness. Those Nordic countries and their bizarre musicians. Must be the constant cold.

We Share Our Mother’s Health

Silent Shout

All tracks bound and zipped into one downloadable folder of rockin’ good times (link opens in new window):
Heavy Rotation Vol. 16


[All music posted on Fancy Plans… is kick ass and too awesome to be contained. All music is also posted temporarily and, due to it’s high level of ass-kicking, should not be distributed without a prescription and care should be taken while operating heavy equipment or dancing around the living room (clothing optional, but do remember that the blinds are open/kids are still awake).
Should you wish to have your brilliant artistic statement forced back into confinement, please email me at 2timegrime@gmail.com. Feel free to leave a comment, as that will probably be noticed sooner.
By all means, if you like what you hear (and you will), please support the totally rocking artist(s) by purchasing some music or heading out to see them live.]


  1. Great stuff, as per usual.

    Oh, and call me hungvoer, but I can’t stop watching the Silent Shout video. It’s like 4 minutes and 52 seconds of wtf??…

    • It’s kind of like a car wreck. Starring weird Nordic types. Directed by David Lynch.

      That’s part of the reason I ended up with going with two by the Knife. They were both too strange to let go.

  2. Tonight was kinda different… similar to falling asleep and someone punching you in the nuts with a fist of fire, but you’re wearing an old chastity belt from the ’50s and although it seems tense it’s really just a tradition.

    • You’re right, RR. And very accurate in your description.

      I may have to go a lot lighter next week, if for no other reason than to restore the readers’ faith in my sanity.

  3. First of all to Mr. Ross; “I used to get them birds for 17, and they were disco shit, you fucking monkey.” That’s not racist by the way. It’s my favorite new insult after I saw a clip of an anchor calling his (white) weatherman a fucking monkey. Isn’t it just brilliant?

    The fluke was a banger, even though I thought a banger was what they called sausages. But I think I get it. That’s about the only kind of music I can listen to while writing. Give me lyrics and I zone out. Maybe too many drugs?

    I liked the Death Set sound, it reminded me of another band, Sum 41? I liked it though; I kind of go for punk-ish. The video reminded me of the movie Memento. I don’t think that movie ever got the credit that it deserved. Great movie.

    I agree with Bschooled pertaining to Silent Shout. WTF? indeed. I thing it caused a couple 2 second flashbacks for me. And that’s always a positive. All great music once again. You’ve given me more to explore and download. Assuming I can find it on Pirate Bay. Thanks!

    • Fucking Rick Ross. He overbids for everything.

      I think a banger is a sausage which really makes a night at the local clubs more than a little confusing.

      Memento was great. I vaguely remember passing out in Tijuana and waking up with a shopping list tattooed to my chest. Unfortunately, it’s all in Spanish. Something about “lubricazion de burro…”

      You can find it all at Pirate Bay. Haven’t you heard the ads? (If not, please go download the “Ad Torrent” immediately.)

  4. Fuckin’ judgmental readers…

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