Happy Labor Day

September 7, 2009


Happy Labor Day!

Brought to you by the unions of America, whose main selling points are:

1. Wal-Mart pays low wages!


2. The last time we did anything positive was over a century ago!

Thanks for looking out for us, fellas. May you continue to bankrupt companies, intimidate scabs and damage job sites in your quest to make America all she can be!



  1. Speaking of scabs: A good movie, if you can find it, is Sometimes a Great Notion. It stars Peter Fonda, Paul Newman, and a guy named Michael Sarrazin who I don’t recall seeing in anything else. The movie depicts the struggle of a logging family that refuses to join the union. SaGN is based on a book (same title) by Ken Kesey. Though I haven’t read it, I’m sure it’s much better than the movie.

    • So, I should hunt down the book?

      Thanks for the pointer, Overconfident. Always great to see you.

  2. Nice move, fuckwads. Thank god unions are there to save us from companies that have “too much power” over their employees.

    Those self-interested pricks would rather kill the company they work for than lose the dental plan or whatnot.

    Lisa needs braces.

  3. I bet you that Jerry Lewis is in a union which is why he does his show on Labor Day. Sneaky bastard.

    • He is a sneaky bastard, what with all that mobbing-up he was party to. The mob and the union: like two peas in a corrupt pod.

      Great to see you, TL.

  4. I work for a company that has union operators and mechanics.

    I’m not sayin nuttin else.

    • You may have said too much already. Are you able to leave the state quickly and under an assumed name?

      (Try “Alan Truitt.” It’s hardly being used at all right now.)

    • Do I look like an Alan to you? I’m not fond of being called Anal or Alpo either.

      Maybe I could be Alana?

    • You could go with Alana. Perhaps Carlita would work.

      Taken out of context, those two sentences make no sense whatsoever.

      You do not resemble an Alan. For starters, you’re actually in this comment thread…

      and posting new stuff.

    • Burn! Ha! And he isn’t even around enough to come defend himself.

  5. It ain’t in my contwact to comment on dis matter.

    • Zeus,

      No one is asking you comment on anything. At least not directly. You most likely shouldn’t, if you still like having a full range of motion in your extremities or all the windows on your car.

      Good to see you, Zeus. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Union violence is real. Union corruption is real. Union failure to protect workers is also real.

    The sad thing is that these unions have spent bazillions in the political arena and it can’t be said that American workers have gotten a lot of protection from this waste of money on scheming, money hungry pols. Union members have gotten ripped off big time.

    • I can’t think of another US institution that considers violence and corruption as “just another day at work.”

      They claim that they don’t support violence or intimidation, but if that’s true, then why the fuck does a website like this even exist?


  7. Again I’m offended. I am chairman of the scab union and this is an abomination!

    • So the scabs have unionized, eh? Well, that certainly takes the argument to a ridiculous new level.

      There’s only one way to straighten this out now, and it involves exhuming a corpse. Grab a shovel…

  8. I’ve been waiting at the stadium for weeks now…

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