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Heavy Rotation Vol. 12

August 30, 2009

What better way to wrap up your weekend than with DJ CLT at the controls, spinning that fine, fine blend of sounds we understand is called “music.” Those of you who just thought of several better ways, please get the hell out, I’m trying to build a mood here. If you can’t use your imagination a little then you’ll just be ruining the fun for everybody. Mostly me. We all have to work together to get the vibe going. Like a love-in. Or a ouija board.

Previous volumes here: Heavy Rotation Archives


Mother Mother – Dirty Town
A track and band unbeknownst to me, but beknownst to well-known vacation hound, Alan Truitt. Despite his occasional bursts of obscenity and poetry, Truitt is actually a very well-rounded individual with some electic music tastes.

This track straddles a few stylistic fences, starting out with some glam-ish riffing, before jumping the cow into steel-guitar proto-country, steel guitar and all. The tempo also lurches back and forth in a very enjoyable manner. It’s all about getting the fuck up on out of this one-cow town.



Soulsavers – Ghost of You and Me
Safely ensconced on the wrong side of the tracks with soul brothers Alabama 3, this hard rocking production team fears for your soul, but have no concern for their own. It’s already gone. Featuring Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) on vocals and some vicious slide guitar and some feedback from a regular old guitar. Lanegan vocalizes as if he’s just snorted Johnny Cash’s ashes and the band rips jagged holes into the air behind him. Awesome live and awesome on wax (or mp3). Tip of the hat (again) to Alan.



Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose to Give It (Boy 8-Bit Mix)
Producer Boy 8-Bit scatters shards and loops of vintage keyboards and old video game squeltches all over the Black Ghosts’ minor hit. The Ghosts claim their sound is “perverse, personal pop music.” It’s actually much better than that. Solid electro-pop that sticks in your head without completely pandering to your ass.

Unremixed version here:



Clock DVA – 4 Hours
Formed in the early ’80s, Clock DVA are somewhat of an anomaly. Ostensibly an industrial/IDM group, they have also made some forays into soul and post-punk rock. This track has them in post-punk mode, grinding along above some crunchy guitars and a hint of mic feedback. The lyrics deal with something mysterious, an unamed man “wearing a black suit” and “carrying a black case.” Nice, icy paranoia rock for the Monday morning drive into work.

Here’s an example of where they ended up:



The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?
Sounding like Ray Charles fronting the Rapture covering Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life.” With a horn section. All cocksure swagger, featuring the most kickass drum sound since, well, “Lust for Life.” I owe this selection to Don Mills, whose impeccable musical taste is routinely overlooked, mainly because he keeps telling us to turn it down, goddammit.

All tracks in one zip:
Heavy Rotation Vol. 12 (link opens in new window)


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