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Heavy Rotation Vol. 10

August 9, 2009

Quick and dirty Heavy Rotation. Just the way Martha Stewart likes it.

She also likes the previous versions, because they’re all good (things).


LFO – Tied Up
Most definitely not that boy band of recent years, but an electronic music pioneer who name comes from the abbreviation for Low Frequency Oscillation. Known for their proto-techno production and homemade equipment, LFO hits hard and fast with this track and an accompanying video that looks like a Tool B-reel.



Lowbrows – Linda Is Tonight
Don’t know much about them, but they’re out of Japan. With this track, they ask you to peel yourself off the wall, stop stroking your chin, and dance your fucking ass off. Pounding beats, some vocal distortion and fuzzed-up bass bring the party to your… monitor, I suppose.



Secret Machines – Atomic Heel
I’m pretty sure I’ve featured this band before, but who has time to run a 30-second search? Anyway, the Secret Machines have found themselves lumped into both the space rock and prog rock categories. While they do occasionally try these tags on (usually to good effect), this track rolls by in a succinct 3:48, avoiding any of the excesses of “space” and “prog” and just getting straight to the rock. The video ain’t bad either.



The Cars – Double Life
The Cars made about a hundred great tracks, most of which we are sick of thanks to the cyclical nature of radio playlists. This track never made it big, but it is just as great as any one of their other chart-toppers. After a listen or two, you’ll be able to fire this title into any 80’s music discussion with the phrase, “Sure, their hits are good, but some of their best work remains undiscovered.” Declare yourself the winner and go have another drink. You’ve earned it!



Tommy Sparks – I’m a Rope (Yuksek Remix)
Catchy, fun, summery, bubbly and downright awesome. Take everything good about pop, subtract the crap, amp up the bass and drums and sprinkle lightly with some good-natured cynicism.

All files in one Swiss-Army-Knife of a zip file (click to open in a new window):
Heavy Rotation Vol. 10


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