July 1, 2009

Benchmarked as of early yesterday:


10,000+ views. Awesome.

Many thanks to all of our regular readers. And of course, many thanks to those of you who stumbled in here searching in vain for these:

  • moustache
  • kick ass dinosaurs
  • michael jackson hands
  • celebrities who have aged badly
  • jumping breasts
  • self-loathing suicide songs
  • top christian books of 2009
  • racoon lion divorce
  • exploitable results money
  • weeekender bags with dimesions close to
  • eminem fat
  • photos of gene simmon’s mother
  • midwestern prison
  • the christian roommates explanation john
  • amy grant vince gil whore hoppers
  • trapping.squirrel.snares
  • turbania porn
  • renee gillespie fucking phoenix
  • bryan ferry mustache
  • toecutter
  • christian bookstore near disneyland
  • child circumcision
  • fucking basketball match porn
  • its a clt gone maltin gonna make move be
  • stop met drugs gebruik en wat kan je er
  • aphex twin фото
  • chloe webb, upstate
  • bdsm safety humour
  • fuck you cake

Ah, the glorious internet. What couldn’t you find without it?



  1. you missed dingleberry parade

    • That was your search, wasn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping in, ynb.

  2. Congrats CLT. You write a damned fine blog. You really do.

    Oh, and funny but “kick ass dinosaurs” is the name of the lawn bowling team I belong to.

    All the best.


    • Thanks for the compliments, Don. And again, thanks for dropping by.

      Sorry about the name-poaching. I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again. I tend to appropriate stuff without even being aware of it.

      Just ask my parole officer. Here, you can use his cellphone.

  3. I want to make fuck you cake. There’s a poem or a song in there somewhere… And it would be really bad if I switched a couple of those words around kinda like I mess up the letters in CLT.

    Congrats on passing the 10k mark. I’m extremely proud to be a small portion of that number.

    • I think the “fuck you cake” is part of the original lyrics for “MacArthur Park.”

      Thanks for being part of the 10,000, CC. It’s always nice to see you.

  4. Psst. Love the tags too

    • So do I. If you look at the stats, we have nearly as many tags as comments.

  5. Seriously, when are we going to see the jumping breasts?

    • I assume they’ll be featured in the newest deviant flick pertaining to “fucking basketball match porn”.

      Stay tuned.

  6. Congrats!

    I can’t find sacrilegious boobs on the internet. This fills me with despair. But these are my problems…

    Guess I’ll have to settle for a groin maul.

    • The best groin-mauling take place at FJ’s place, between 10pm-2am. Happy hour from 5-9pm.

      Nice to see you, Alan.

  7. Kudos my prolific friend. Well-played, sir.

    • Thank you, FL. Your new avatar is freaking me out. Just a little.

  8. Sacriligious boobs:


    • Yup, those are some sacriligious boobs, all right.

      Bless your cotton socks, Claire.

    • Right on! Now onto the “photos of Gene Simmons’ mother.”

  9. I had no idea you were that kick ass… I knew I thought you kicked heavy ass, but you’re like super kick ass big time ass kicker.
    The irony of “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Ghostwriters?” afterwards is most amazing.

    • It is ironic. The post itself is amazing, too. Here’s a quote:

      It appears that these publishers don’t care if the ghostwriter is a believer or not. This bothers me on many levels. How can a homosexual ghostwriter edify the Body of Christ when he himself is spiritually dead? What could you learn about the Holy Spirit from an atheist who denies the very existence of God? These issues don’t seem to matter much to the publishers…or the pimps masquerading as best selling authors.

      Well, back to my super kick ass big time ass kicking pimp job. Thanks for stopping by, RR.

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