Heavy Rotation Vol. 4

June 28, 2009

Another round of amazing tracks, brought to your courtesy of Fancy Plans. All killer, no filler.


Gary Numan – I Die, You Die
Numan’s late 70’s-early 80’s work promised a bright, shiny dystopia lying somewhere between the Jetsons, Blade Runner and 1984. Perhaps not so bright and shiny. However, the impression given was that the future of rock would be shiny synths and affectionless vocals, dealing with conspiracies, cyborgs, brain implants and the pure love of a man for a sex machine.

None of this happened. The future of rock became the endlessly echoing of post-grunge riffage and nu-metal detritus, which just kind of sucks. On the bright side, all of this can be easily avoided by ignoring the mainstream and your radio.

This is not love
This is not even worth a point of view
In Echo Park, I
Pause for effect and whisper ‘who are you?’

They crawl out of their holes for me
And I die: You die
Hear them laugh, watch them turn on me
And I die: You die
See my scars, they call me such things
Tear me, tear me, tear me

human people

Human People – I’d Run Just Like You
In just under two minutes, Human People manage to encapsulate everything that was great about the New Romantics and synthpop in general. Beautiful, shimmering snyth lines, a propulsive bass line and some dark, but not too dark, lyrics.

Like any great entertainer, they leave you wanting more. I’d kill for a good 6-minute version of this track. Perhaps I’ll get my wish, as this is only a demo.


James – Ring the Bells
A blistering kiss-off to apathy, religion and general indifference, this track kicks more ass than any song relying on this much acoustic guitar should. It starts a quietly before building to the chorus, subsiding briefly before returning to beat you into submission. Definitely worth screaming along to, preferably at a high rate of speed after nightfall.

When you let me fall, grew my own wings
Now I’m as tall as the sky
When you let me drown, grew gills and fins
Now I’m as deep as the sea
When you let me die, my spirit’s free
There’s nothing challenging me

😦 – embedding disabled…


Murder City Devils – I Want a Lot Now
With drums that echo Iggy Pop’s classic “Lust for Life” and shouted lyrics that bring all that’s right about wanting to just be the fuck out of the house and up to no good somewhere else to a full-on, head-stomping peak, this song will lay your stereo to waste.

We are not responsible for any hard drinking, drug snorting, fist fighting or casual sexing that may result as a result of this song. Rocks so hard that you may forgive your fellow roadtrippers for drumming along on the dashboard.

I’m feelin’ cooped up, you know it sure is shitty
I don’t want to live here anymore
I know it’s late
I said I know it’s late
I don’t wanna go home
I don’t wanna go home

Livin’s no good across the lake from the city
Don’t want to live there anymore
Take your dad’s car and we’ll go to the city
Just like last week and the week before


Primal Scream – Come Together
A song about the unquantifiable power of music, when it becomes something more than the sum of its parts and transcends, uplifts and unifies. Ramblin’ Rooster knows what I’m talking about.

Those rare moments when a song can conjure up all the great hazy memories you have about staying out for far too long. Exchanging your responsibilities and better judgement for a few hours of sonic bliss. Today we dance, tomorrow we die.

From Primal Scream’s first masterpiece Screamadelica, featuring Adrian Sherwood’s restrained dub production, all echoes, reverb and masterful sampling. A gospel chorus turns up around a third of the way through, aiding the sample of music-pushing preacher, just in case you were missing the point of good music getting you closer to God.

This is a beautiful day
It is a new day
We are together, we are unified
And in one accord
Because together we got power
Apart we got power

Today on this program you will hear gospel,
And rhythm and blues, and jazz
All those are just labels
We know that music is music

(Not really a video, per se, but if you want to hear the track without downloading, click this:)

Switching file hosting due to some rampant popups at Mediafire. All in one zip file – take ’em all, ditch what you hate. (Link will open in new window.)

Heavy Rotation V. 5 (zip)


[All music posted on Fancy Plans… is kick ass and too awesome to be contained. All music is also posted temporarily and, due to it’s high level of ass-kicking, should not be distributed without a prescription and care should be taken while operating heavy equipment or dancing around the living room (clothing optional, but do remember that the blinds are open/kids are still awake).
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  1. Great stuff, CLT. Thanks!

    • No problem, Alan. Use it in good health.

      (Just a little rock and roll joke. By all means, use it in good health/amyl-fueled cross-country death race to the nearest rave/headful-of-acid daytrip to the nearest riverboat casino/Scotch-fueled stagger to nearest prayer breakfast. Whatever. It’s always up to you.)

  2. I admit I was a fan of this centuries greatest Lion Tamer before, but now that I know you’re fluent in Numanese I’m like a groupie. Sign my boob!

    • Thanks for your continued patronage and compliments, RR.

      Would that be the boob you carry around in your pocket for reasons known only to you?

      Please send boob with self-addressed stamped envelope to:
      Capitalist Lion Tamer
      c/o CLT LLC INC
      PO Box 31
      Puppy Mills, MA

  3. I was referring to the miniature man-child I keep on a leash who is of a lower than normal mental aptitude. I’d put him in the box, but his claustrophobia is intense. Can’t you just sing his head on the way out to the bus? We’ve been standing in this alley for six hours…

    • Mind if I just rubber-stamp his head with “CLT-Approved”? I’m running a little late. I’ve been dodging fans for more than six hours.

  4. Sing, sign… what’s the difference.

  5. Killer collection CLT, I too may send you my boob. Your legend grows…tread carefully my friend, fame is a two-edged mistress. Cheers.

    • Stupid two-edged mistress. She’s slicing holes into all my other mistresses….

      Glad you enjoyed them, FJ. As always, it’s great to see you.

  6. Okay fine, you can sign my boob too.

    • Alright. Let’s make this simple. Is there anyone out there who does not have a miniature, semi-retarded manchild in search of an autograph?

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