Playing for the Other Team

April 30, 2009
A young Specter exchanges conscience, soul in exchange for lifelong employment.

A young Specter prepares to exchage conscience, soul for lifelong public employment.

Arlen Specter’s recent “defection” to the Democratic side had cause a bit of an uproar recently. And why? I mean, honestly, who gives a shit?

It’s not like he suddenly switched from “career politician” to “useful member of society,” is it? Or suddenly got up and started pushing through a serious term limits bill or ended the automatic pay raise system (where you get a bump just for not showing up). Or stated that he was ending his 29-year charade as a public servant and returning his salary to the general public.

Make no mistake about this move. It’s all about getting reelected. He has been not so subtly hinting that he may need some help winning his upcoming primary. His close friend Biden has pretty much guaranteed some first-class stumping from him and his boss.

And it’s not as though he hasn’t allowed the winds of public opinion to shift his platform before. He was elected as the D.A. for the city of Philadelphia as a registered Democrat running on a Republican ticket.

So, what does it all mean?

Who fucking cares? As a career politician with a history of inserting one finger to the wind and the other nine into our back pockets, does it really make any difference? Oh, sure. It takes the Dems one vote closer to ironclad filibuster-proofing. Bully for them.

But while the non-stopping mugging of our children’s children continues, does it really matter which team the thugs are playing for?



  1. I was going to write something about Specter but you nailed it. Well done.

    Specter = massive douche bucket.

    • I’ve lost all faith in the political system over the last several years. Republican, Democrat. It’s all the same tiring bullshit over and over. But to shamelessly lean on ol’ Uncle Biden and his new best friend really angries up my blood.

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