April 23, 2009
The Reid brothers and their magnificent hair.

The Reid brothers and their magnificent hair.

Today’s lineup – the Jesus & Mary Chain vs. the Beach Boys, George Thorogood and the Rolling Stones.

Scotland’s finest feedback merchants have done a variety of covers (the Cramps’ “New Kind of Kick,” the Temptations’ “My Girl,” the 13th Floor Elevators’ “Reverberation,” Leonard Cohen’s “Tower of Song”) but none of those compare to the cheerful destruction found in this trio of tracks. Nothing like some big-haired Scottish bastards taking the piss out of some venerated rock icons.

Surfing USA
Sure, the bouncy melody and singalongness of this Beach Boys chestnut remain, but good luck trying to find it under all the scalding feedback.

Verdict: What the Beach Boys would have sounded like if 1.) they hated their audience and 2.) lived in a piss poor surfing climate.

JAMC – Surfing USA.mp3

Who Do You Love
The Reid brothers grab this redneck favorite, shake all the swamp boogie out of it and take it for a long menacing stroll through a dark, Scottish bog. Soaked in reverb, echo and menace.

Verdict: What George Thorogood would some like if he was actually any good.

JAMC – Who Do You Love.mp3

Little Red Rooster
A Willie Dixon blues standard, most famously covered by the Rolling Stones. Plucking this track from back in the day when the Rolling Stones were just a fairly useful covers band, the Chain turn the usual blues progression into a lurching, wheezing catastrophe. Waves of distortion and feedback cling to a barely-there tune as the Reids crank their aural slugfest up to 11.

Verdict: What the Stones would sound like if they had a woeful misunderstanding of how any of their audio equipment worked.

JAMC – Little Red Rooster.mp3

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