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Art of the Remix v3

April 13, 2009


This is posted mainly because I have never seen the Residents remixed (and as an unrepentant lover of repetitive beats, I pay attention to this sort of thing). I’m assuming that the Residents really don’t provide the greatest source material for a dance-floor ready remix, considering their output generally punishes as much as it rewards repeated listening.And I say “I’m assuming” because I am not familiar with the source material or the Residents’ body of work. I’m not big on avant-garde rock and the whole concept album/rock opera genre.

Not to mention the nightmare of securing the rights to the original track (if that indeed happened). To this day, nobody really knows who these massive eyeballs are, leaving you (the remixer) to deal with the rights management company (read: walking lawsuits).

And we all know how much fun it can be to deal with a territorial third party, who wear the badge “management” like a Congressional Medal of Honor. Rather than deal with the person(s) you need to, you’re forced to deal with someone who has, through a combination of ignorance and tenacity, clawed their way to the middle. Protecting the “rights” of their clients has become synonymous with “looking like a big shot in front of the guys.”

To sum up: the Glimmers remixes read like a who’s-who of indie cred: Who Made Who, Roxy Music, Whitey, Shocking Blue, Alan Vega (Suicide), Jah Wobble, Severed Heads, Liquid Liquid. Which is not necessarily a bad thing as many a bedroom DJ has already laid a 4/4 over a lazy selection of top 40 hits and nostalgia faves, further watering down the talent pool.

The Residents – Dikomo (The Glimmers Remix).mp3 (320K)

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