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Show Trials, Rwandan Orphans and Buggery

February 14, 2009

Clicked over to this post whilst browing the always informative Adam Smith Institute blog. The British government has forced the CEO’s of their two largest bank failures to apologize on a nationwide broadcast. Comparisons to other show trials abound, but Mr. Eugenides questions the lack of apology from the government reps who profited from association with these same banks:

More to the point, as LR rightly points out, their much-trumpeted apologies have not been matched by any parallel contrition from our political leaders, not least Gordon Brown, and his creature Darling, who continue to act as if they had spent the last twelve years running an orphanage in a remote Rwandan village before answering a desperate nation’s cries for help, rather than, in reality, having been fucking us all up the ass on an almost daily basis while the flood waters were lapping up round our ankles.

There’s great stuff all the way thru it. And due to his amazing way with words I am now feeling much less satisfied with pretty much everything I’ve written up to this point in my life.