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January 24, 2009

Primal Scream – Some Velvet Morning (feat. Kate Moss)

Slowdive – Some Velvet Morning

Perhaps one of the most covered tunes ever taken in two very different directions.

primalscreamPrimal Scream ditches most of the verse and chorus in favor of the heavy drug reference in the opening line (some velvet morning when I’m straight), sung in a raspy falsetto over a pulsing and swaggering electronic beat. Kate Moss, appropo of nothing, chimes in with some passable vocals on the chorus.

Perhaps Kate Moss, being the last of the old school supermodels, added something to the recording sessions with her steady diet of bottled water, black market Dexatrim and unfiltered cigarettes. You know, in addition to the powdered mirrors and bent spoons normally required. Primal Scream don’t strike me as much of a pot band.

slowdiveSlowdive cast their gaze to their shoes and scatter minor chords about on their spacey runthrough. Synth washes and a complete tempo shift at the chorus round out the complete package. Nice use of boy/girl alternating vocals.

Bonus: Primal Scream’s video for “Some Velvet Morning”:



  1. The perfect song to drown out howling 40 mph winds and incessant beeping of road repair equipment in front of the Las Vegas Hilton. This is exactly the kind of song where it sucks being clean and sober. I still got ‘lost’ in it.

    • Speaking of being clean and sober, Kate Moss seems to hold up well in her limited duty.

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