Obama Polishes “Water Redistribution Plan;” Promises to “Walk on Same in First 100 Days”

January 9, 2009

Obama’s tax hike plan is nothing more than a shameless vote-grabbing ploy. Nothing new for a Democratic candidate. Pretending that the government can, or even should, “redistribute” wealth is toying with the ignorance of the average American voter.

The government has no business being in the redistribution business. They have already proven they can’t handle wealth. They’ve never had any of their own and they don’t play very nicely with the wealth of others. They broke the “unbreakable” deficit clock, for chrissakes.

They certainly can’t create their own. Every one of their projects operates at a larger and larger loss year after year. Drug war? Lost. Educational system? Overfunded and underperforming. Special interest groups? Well-funded at our expense.

It’s time for every politician who promises to redistribute wealth to put our money where their mouth is. They want to pretend it’s not some headline-grabbing, appeal-to-the-lowest-common-denominator punishment. Well, let’s try it this way.

Get the richest 1% (or 5% or whatever) of each city’s population. Have them sit in City Hall or Federal Courthouse or Main Street or where ever seems most patriotic with their tax increase in $100 bills. Now let the poorest citizens get in line to receive their crisp, new Benjamins. Redistribution. Right from the richest to the poorest. That should close that income gap.

Now the poor have additional wealth. What will they do with it?

Some will pay bills. Some will buy things they need. Some will save it. Most, however, will spend it on booze, drugs, cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc.

Don’t like that generalization? Too bad. It’s accurate. A metric shit-ton of the poor in this country are there through a lifetime of bad decisions, lack of motivation and living beyond their means.

No one wants to pick on the poor. However, the rich are fair game. Kick em around. All they’ve done is make something of themselves. They add value to the economy. They provide goods, services and employment. They invest in this country.

The poor? Our “poverty” level in this country is one of the highest in the world. They have (and often own) homes with windows, doors, electricity. They have TVs, microwaves, refridgerators. They have at least one vehicle.

No one punishes the self-inflicted poor. I guess we’re assuming that living in poverty is punishment enough.

Someone who spends 24 weeks on unemployment is lazy. Someone who works 10 hours a week to avoid losing their welfare check is lazy. And selfish.

Can’t find a job because you spent some time in prison? Too bad. Think before you act. Your crimes had victims but all we hear is how hard it is for ex-cons to find jobs.

Drug habit got you down? Fuck you. Get clean. Grow up.

Redistribution of wealth punishes success, rewards failure and marginalizes personal responsibility. Switch “redistribution of wealth” with the phrase “our government” or “our President” and see how sickening that sentence is.


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