EA Looking at WWII Exclusivity

January 9, 2009

Information filtering back from EA insiders as well as VFWs around the nation indicates that the company is hard at work securing rights to video game depictions of World War II. Anonymous ads with an 800 number asking callers to “tell their war story” in exchange for cash have begun to pop up at VFW halls, bingo halls, Elks Clubs and VA hospitals.

A veteran who called the 800 number was asked to describe his war experience in as much detail as possible. When finished, they asked for a followup interview and sent him a packet of information. Included in the packet were several non-disclosure agreements to cover friends and family, a non-compete clause and four tickets to Thursday’s Meat Raffle.

This veteran also was invited to Los Angeles for preliminary motion capture, which he said he will not be able to take advantage of due to a faulty hip and doctor’s orders not to move, captured or otherwise.

A spokeman for the company would not confirm these rumours, but reminded us that a new Medal of Honor would be out within the next six months, again taking place in “our last popular war.” The spokesman did, however, confirm modifications to German versions of the game which included Italian train timetables and the conversion of the controversial swastika into something more resembling “a happy, dancing man.”

As details have begun to surface, other software companies around the world have begun to snap up other available historical clashes to avoid being shut out of this lucrative market. Some unconfirmed rumours include:

Japan’s Square Enix conglomerate is looking to create a “tactical RPG” featuring the story of one such war veteran, whose story begins when his village is burned to the ground by the Chinese. The game will feature multiple characters, unskippable cutscenes and around 50 hours of gameplay (30 hours backtracking). A New Game Plus mode is in the works as well. Upon completion, you will be able to play again, this time as a girl/boy (depending on whichever sex you thought you were the first time through).

Korea’s T-Entertainment plans a MMORPG based on the 1950-1953 “police action.” Besides the standard power levelling and gold farming mini-games, T-Entertainment has greatly revamped its PVP process. PVP combat will now take place in person at whichever PC Bang is hosting at that point in time. Successful kills will be confirmed by bang staff and local coroner. Winners will take possession of loser’s wallet and receive a complimentary teardrop tattoo.

Rockstar hopes to strike controversial gold with Grand Theft Auto: DMZ in which the player will assume the role of a black market dealer in a Saigon-esque area during the mid-1960’s. Players will be able to jack rickshaws and bicycles, buy low/sell high, provide US soldiers with drugs, and of course, beat prostitutes (which, due to the business sim aspect of the game, may actually be YOUR prostitutes).

3DO, maker of the quantity>quality Army Men games has locked up rights to Grenada, Panama & Falklands conflicts. Default setting for the envisioned games will be Easy with other settings including Pushover and Doormat.

Activision, maker of the incredibly popular Call of Duty series has been shut out of the World War II bidding and will be teaming with Sega to produce a series of “1940s All Star Battle” games. Eschewing the normal first-person shooter format, they will instead present a streamlined top down view of a 1940s era fighter plane attacking wave after wave of other 1940s era fighter planes.


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